Sunday, November 26, 2006

Addio a Flo Sandon's

Italian singer Flo Sandon's (born Mammola Sandon) died last week (17-11) at the age of 82.
She never graced the Eurovision stage but in 1953 she won the 3rd San Remo contest with Viale d'Autunno. (The song was also performed by Carla Boni)
She performed 15 songs in San Remo contests from 1953 to 1963 including a 4th place in 1954 with Notturno.

You can find all her San Remo participations detailed HERE

I haven't found any CD's collecting her work but several songs feature on all kinds of Sanremo compilations. I guess it's a matter of finding 78rpm's and EP's in your local 2nd hand store for now.
Flo Sandon's (The 's was an accident made by the designer of her first record sleeve) also covered (at least) three Eurovision tunes. Refrains, Amami Se Vuoi and Al Di Lá.

Flo Sandon's - All songs in Italian

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