Saturday, November 25, 2006

If I Had Your Lovski

Анастасия Стоцкая, Anastasia Stotskaya, well known for her participation in the 2005 Russian selection with 'Shadows dance all around me' has recorded a Russian version of Selma's 2005 James Bond like entry 'If I had your love'.
It's titled Vso za lyubov - Все за любовь and I found it on a Russian compilation 'Созвездие хитов 7', with a Bond Babe style lady on the cover, so the circle is round. (Pic: not Anastas!a).

The Russian version has a new arrangement compared to the English language coverversion Stotskaya recorded last year, which was recorded with Selma's original instrumental recording. That demo wasn't officially released back then but I found this recording on a 200 track mp3 disc offered on internet which doesn't seem to be very official to put it mildly.

Another Eurocover, 'Music & Me', is Stotskaya's Russian version of 'I can't live without music', The Siegel song that made Corinna May make a fool of herself back in 2002...

Anastas!a was also in line for a Russian Six4One style recording of the Swiss 2006 entry 'If we all give a little', which was supposed to be recorded in Russian with 6 stars from CIS countries, but I guess that plan never substantiated.

Anastas!a: Vso za lyubov (Russian) - If I had your love - Music and Me
P.S. Anastasia should have a go at representing Russia again in the near future if you ask me. No more bad haircut guys with weird piano antics plz.

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