Thursday, November 09, 2006

Love is blue

There is no better way to kick off this blog than with a tribute to the man who has the most successful Eurovision cover to his name: Paul Mauriat, the French orchestra leader who died last week at the age of 81.

His instrumental version of Vicky's L'amour est bleu (music by André Popp) was a worldwide hit in 1968, a US number 1 and probably the second most sold Eurosong ever.
Since then every selfrespecting orchestra, hammond wizzard, accordion artiste, ukulele genius or moog magician has recorded the tune as an instrumental, leaving the original lyricist Pierre Cour a bit short on cash.

The man et son orchestre recorded many Eurovision songs and even re-recorded his big hit in a disco version in 1976 for a 12"inch.

Love is blue - 1976 disco version with the added bonus of autenthic vinyl crackling sound for your entertainment.

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Adrian said...

Good luck with this blog. Really good idea, hope to hear some great cover versions - just like this one!