Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Road To Malmö - The Bandaloop - Waterloo

The Bandaloop are in the race to become Austria's next Eurovision stars. Their song Back To Fantasy is one of the five songs competing in the Austrian National Final on Februari 15.
And Eurocovers is pleased to inform you all that the band have recorded ABBA's Waterloo after a 'meeting' with the Legendary Swedish band and made it available for you here, Yay! (more people should do that).
Credits: photo (c) Norbert Ivanek, wax figures (c) Madame Tussauds Wien

"Waterloo" is an exclusive gift for all the fans of The Bandaloop and is available until the 28th of February as free download here:
Download "Waterloo"  Hope you didn't miss it.

"Back To Fantasy" can be downloaded on iTunes:
"Back To Fantasy" on iTunes

The Bandaloop website, Also check out the Austria page at the Malmö Collection.

from their press message:
"Since this year's ESC finals will take place in Malmo, Sweden, the members of The Bandaloop - Barca Baxant, Justin Case and Mike Blitz - tried to gain some inspiration from the legendary Swedish band ABBA. Fortunately, they could easily "get in touch" with the most popular Swedish band in Vienna - for they are currently part of the exhibition at Madame Tussauds Wien, as a wax figure".

"ABBA used to give me a lot of inspiration when I was young. I was a huge fan of them!" so Barca Baxant, singer of The Bandaloop. Being able to represent Austria at the ESC, just like ABBA for Sweden did, is her greatest ambition for this Friday: "in 2013, we would like to reach what ABBA with 'Waterloo' did in 1974: the European crown of pop music!" Justin Case, bassist of The Bandaloop and king of the keyboards, loopers and all other electronic instruments in this project, spent the last few days working on their extraordinary cover version of the ABBA-hit: "with 'Waterloo', ABBA made Song Contest history at that time. On the one hand, it was an honour to work on our own interpretation of this song, and on the other hand, it was of course huge fun as well!" Finally, as Mike Blitz, drummer of The Bandaloop adds: "once we have performed our own version of 'Waterloo' this Friday and done our best at it, we hope to gain the sympathy of the audience. The song fits our style perfectly: electronic music with a touch of pop from the '70s and '80s, glowing in a new, fancy light!"

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