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The Olsen Brothers New Album, updated

Is It A Bird?, Is It A Plane?

Three week ago Eurocovers reported (here) on the forthcoming album by 2000 Eurovision winners the Olsen Brothers. There is a new tracklist now and it turns out to be more exiting than the original announced tracklist did imply.

Less great news is that the release date is now set to the end of june, while Eurovision week probably would have been better publicity wise.

Here's the full new tracklist of Wings Of Eurovision (My Way Records):
1 - Bang A Boomerang
Not a Eurovision song, but a Swedish preselection song from 1975. ABBA's Björn & Benny penned it for Svenne & Lotta and it ended 3rd in the Swedish final. ABBA themselves recorded it for the 1975 ABBA LP.
The Olsens have also recorded ABBA's Fernando which can be found on the 2003 album More Songs.
2 - Love Shine A Light
The U.K. 1997 winner by Katrina and The Waves
3 - Hallelujah - Featuring Lill Babs
Israels second winner in a row from 1979. The Olsens team up with Swedish songstress superstar Lill Babs for a jazzy interpretation. Her own April April was 14th in the 1961 contest.
4 - What's Another Year
The Irish 1980 winner you can read all about in the post below.
5 - Rock 'n' Roll Kids
The original grey-power winner, Irelands 1994 entry by Paul Harrinton & Charlie McGettigan.
6 - Waterloo
ABBA's 1974 winner for Sweden
7 - Ein Bisschen Frieden - featuring Nicole
The bro's team up with the original singer Nicole for this version of the schmaltzy German 1982 winning song.
8 - Save Your Kisses For Me
Brotherhood Of Man won in 1976 for the United Kingdom
9 - Let It Swing And Let It Rock 'n' Roll
Norway's 1985 winner by Bobbysocks! (Elisabeth Andreasson and Hanne Krogh) now sung in English.
10 - Non So Che Darei - featuring Alan Sorrenti.
Alan Sorrenti, original singer of this Italian 1980 entry guests on this new version of his Italian #1 hit.
11 - Congratulations
The song by Cliff Richard that was allegedly robbed of its victory by Franco, dictator.
It's not the first Cliff cover for the Olsen Brothers: on their 2008 album Respect you can find Livin'Doll.
12 - Fly On The Wings Of Love 2010
13 - Smuk Som Et Stjerneskud 2010

The last two tracks are new versions of the Olsen Brothers winning song from 2000. The song was performed in English at the contest, but at the national final it was in Danish.
They also recorded the song in German as Weil Nur Die Liebe Zählt. This can be found on the German language album with the same name which was released in 2002.

Volare (Italy 1958) and Främling (Sweden 1983) seem to have disappeared from the tracklist, but according to the Olsen Brothers website at least Volare was recorded.  has more information on the recording of the new album.

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Digital versions of the album have a bonus track: Fly On The Wings Of Love (Remix)

Stay Tuned For The Oslo Weeks
Trains and Boats And Planes, the 2010 Eurovision stars are heading to Norways capital city to sing their little hearts out for all the world to witness and win the much coveted Eurovision trophy.
Tradition dictates that Eurocovers will celebrate the event with The Oslo weeks. in the coming two weeks there's be articles on the best loved Norwegian Eurovision stars, the Norwegian classics and interesting / odd Eurovision hits covered by Norwegian artists.
For all the news on the 2010 entries, their versions, chart adventures and of course details on CD shopping must haves there's The Oslo Collection.

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