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2010 The Oslo Weeks - Part 3: Småting

Old Norwegian vinyls are not easy to find. I'm sure many Eurovision collectors have, like me, some ugly gaps in their collections. Especially 60's singles are hard to come by, and even 70's and 80's vinyls fetch rediculous prices at your average auction site.

Same story goes for the coverversions of Norwegian entries. There aren't many around, and most of them are in Norwegian by local artists, and a fair amount of songs covered in Swedish.

But every once in a while a song was picked up outside Scandinavia and here's one of them. And a lovely one it is.

I Love The Little Things
Småting (Small things) by Benny Borg & Grethe Kausland ended 14th in 1972.
The song was performed in the Norwegian selection by the mentioned duo and also by later Bobbysock! Hanne Krogh. But Hanne Krogh didn't release the song and that leaves us with only one coverversion of the song and it's in Dutch, language of Sieneke.
The song, now titled Zomer (summer) was recorded by The Luckberries, most known by Eurovision fans for their Dutch National final evening back in 1966. Five artists including The Luckberries each had their own three song preselection evening and they all took one song to the final.
The (not yet back then) husband and wife duo took their Dromen Zijn Bedrog to the final and they ended 2nd behind Milly Scotts Fernando and Filipo.
The Luckberries weren't named after some small sort of exotic chance enhancing fruit, but after Lucas (a.k.a. as Luck) and Berrie, the names of the singers.

Their most active career was in the sixties, when they toured many countries in Europe and recorded most of their singles.
Berrie passed away in 2003 and Luck is now active as an artistic painter.

Zomer, the Dutch coverversion of Småting, was released in 1972 as a b-side to Er Is Nog Hoop (Zilvervloot records 154739)

Only Dromen Zijn Bedrog ever made it to CD as far as I know (A Eurovision/National final compilation) but it's high time some dedicated oldies re-issue company would delve into the Luckberries archives and release the whole lot on a CD. The Luckberries collection captures the Dutch spirit of the sixties so well: the typically Dutch careful 60's behavedness as well as the penchant for a fabulous tune.

Grethe Kausland, one half of the Småting duo, passed away in 2007. You can find out more about her and her career as best selling child star Lille Grethe in this Eurocovers post.

Read more on The Luckberries (in Dutch) at Koppop,
Het Nationaal Songfestival 1956-1999 (BabyBaby booklet 1999)
Thanks to Frans.

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