Saturday, May 29, 2010

2010 The Oslo Weeks - Part 6 And then some...

Tonight is the night, the final of the 55th Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo. Some of Eurocovers favorites made it, but of course many were slaughtered. Why Finland didn't make it is beyond me and pet favorites like Inculto from  Lithuania and sweet Sieneke will be sorely missed. Some that made it are completely useless, others are great, but you can decide that for yourself.
I have to get cooking in a moment, you gotta eat at the yearly Eurovision dinner party, but I'll leave you with just another handful Norwegian artifacts in the last instalment of The Oslo Weeks.

For the latest release news on the CDs of this years entries please visit The Oslo Collection. Who has a proper cdsingle out (not the U.K., that's for sure) and which 17-copies-promo-only-cdr will be the unobtainable holy grail this year?.
Read about the recordings in all kind of languages and remixes by the great local djs. You can also find the latest information on chart movement from all your favorite 2010 songs.

Norwegian Eurocovers, you gotta love 'em, here's a few more:
1975 U.K. - Let Me Be The One (The Shadows)
- La Det Vaere Mig by Staccato
1976 U.K. - Save Your Kisses For Me (Brotherhood Of Man)
- Du Får Det Beste By the Bendik Singers  on 7"(Triola TN 701)
1977 Switzerland - Swiss Lady (Pepe Lienhard Band)
- By The Four Jets  on LP Four Jets' Langspillplate (Arctic ARC 8616).
The Four Jets were a Norwegian band who recorded many coverversions of popular hits from 1963 to 1989. Several guest singers appeared on their records. The recorded this Swiss Lady but also Bad Old Days (U.K. 1978), Boom Boom (Denmark 1978), Making Your Mind Up (U.K. 1981), Dag Efter Dag (Sweden 1983), Det Lige Det (Denmark 1984), Sku Du Spørg Fra No'n (Denmark 1985) and Für Alle (Germany 1985)
1979 Israel - Hallelujah (Milk and Honey)
- by Lilian (Askeland) & Big hand
1982 Germany - Ein Bisschen Frieden (Nicole)
- Litt Mere Frihet by Jenny Jenssen
1993 France - Mama Corsica (Patrick Fiori)
- Mama Korsika by Nattsvermerne

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