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2010 The Oslo Weeks part 2: Kirsti Sparboe

Modern times, who needs them. If you want you can watch all kinds of rehearsal clips and other Oslo goings on at tha Tube and all the hard working Eurovision blogs, but Eurocovers is having none of that. (i.e. I'm not in Oslo me)

Personally I like a little surprise on the night itself, so it's time to pull out some more of the old phonographs from the vaults and continue with the Oslo Weeks extravaganza to kill the time until the first semi.

Oj Oj Oj
Kirsti Sparboe is another Norwegian Eurovision Legend who deserves to have her own postal stamp.
She entered the contest three times for Norway (Norway easily is the country with the most repeat-euro-offenders).

The first time with Karusell which ended 13nd in 1965, two years later with the sublime Dukkemann which did even worse (14th). 3rd time lucky no way, the totally brilliant Oj Oj Oj Så Glad Jeg Skal Bli is as good as Boom Bang A Bang, but only finished 16th. Boooo.

Karusell was only recorded in Norwegeian but Dukkemann also got a Swedish makeover. She took it a little further with Oj Oj Oj which Kirst recorded in Norwegian, Swedish, German and French. (See below).

Kirsti was a popular singer in Norway at the time scoring several top 10 hits. She participated in several (more) Norwegian Eurovision selections.

Next to recording in Norwegian and Swedish, Kirsti also went for a German career. And quite successfully; her Ein Student Aus Uppsala scoreda 14 week hit in the German charts. It also resulted in Kirsti's participation in the German National final with Pierre Der Clochard in 1970 (4th). After that she released more singles in Germany of which some were airplay hits. A number of songs was also released in the DDR.

Kirsti Sparboe
Eurovision and Eurocovers Discography
1965 Norway - Karusell
Two versions were performed by Kirsti in the preselection. One with a small combo and one with an orchestra. Both versions were recorded in the studio, but only one was released on single. Wenche Myhre was originally chosen to sing the 2nd version of Karusell, but she found the song too silly or fell ill (you decide). Kirsti's Karusell was a #7/9 weeks hit.
- Karusell (norwegian) on 7" (Triola TN 401)
1967 Norway - Dukkemann
- Dukkemann (norwegian) on 7" (Triola TN 466)
- Sprattelman (swedish) b-side to 'Kär Pa Lek' (Sweden Sonet T-7690)
---The other version in the Norwegian NF was sung by Torill Ravnås.
1969 Norway - Oj Oj Oj Så Glad Jeg Skal Bli
- Oj Oj Oj Så Glad Jeg Skal Bli (norwegian) on 7" (Triola TN 540)
- O.J.Oj, Grand Prix Jubilee (norwegian) on 7" (Triola O.J. 1)
---A special lyrics version for the 75-year anniversary of the Oslo Journalistklubb.
- Oi Oi Oi (german) a.k.a. Eins, Zwei, Drei - as Kirsti,  on 7" (Germany Telefunken U 56062)
- Oj Oj Oj Så Glad Jag Skall Bli (swedish) on 7" (Sweden Sonet T 7759)
- Oy, Oy, Oy Je Ne Peux Pas Vivre (french) on 7" (France EMI 2c 006 10178)
Songs were performed only once in the NF of 1969.
Kirsti scored a # 1 hit in Norway, 11 weeks on chart.
You can find a Flemish cover version of Oj Oj Oj in this Eurocovers post.

1968 Norway - Stress (Odd Borre)
In the Norwegian NF songs were performed twice during most of the 60's and 70's. Kirst Sparboe performed the other version of Eurovision entry Stress and also of the winner, disqualified tune Jag Har Aldri Vært Så Glad I No'en Som Deg (sounded too much like Summer Holiday by the Cliffster). Neither songs were released by Kirsti.

1968 Spain - La La La (Massiel)
- La La La by Kirsti, Oddvar & Arne (norwegian)  on 7" (Triola TN 5010)
- La La La by Kirsti, Oddvar & Arne (swedish) on 7" (Sonet T 7730)
1968 United Kingdom - Congratulations (Cliff Richard)
- Vi Gratulerer by Kirsti, Oddvar & Arne (norwegian) on 7" (Triola TN 5010)
- Vi Gratulerar by Kirsti, Oddvar & Arne (swedish) on 7" (Sonet T7730)
---Both above are A & B side of the same singles with U.K. 1968 being the a-side.
1970 Ireland - All Kinds Of Everything (Dana)
- Det Jeg Ser Omkring (norwegian ) on 7" (Triola TN 573)
- Allting Och Ingenting (swedish)  on 7" (Sonet T 7815)
1971 Monaco - Un banc, Un Arbre, Une Rue (Severine)
- På En Gammel Benk (norwegian) on 7" (Triola TN 610)
1971 United Kingdom - Jack In The Box (Clodagh Rodgers)
- Sim-Sala-Bim (norwegian) on 7" (Triola TN 610)
---Kirsti, Oddvar and Arne are Kirsti Sparboe, Oddvar Sanne and Arne Bendiksen.
If you have any correction or additions to this list, please let me know.
For all the Eurovision 2010 release info, please check The Oslo Collection
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