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2010 The Oslo Weeks- Part 1: Nora Brockstedt

By all means of transport, ashclouds permitting, the 2010 Eurovision stars are arriving in Norways capital city Oslo for the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest.
While the new Superstars and main contenders are working their pretty little arses off drinking at parties, spending their allowance on overpriced souvenirs and other important promotional activities, Eurocovers reminisces on the gone old days.

Since the Finweeks in 2007 Eurocovers dives into Eurovision history with the popular songs and artists of the host country.

I Voted For Nora!
A few months ago there Norway Post was having a bit of a internet vote on who should be the 4th Norwegian Eurovision entity to be honoured with their face on a stamp. Three stamps were already decided to be graced by Norways Eurovision winners Bobbysocks!, Secret Garden and Alexander Rybak, and the public was to vote for another one. I voted for Nora Brockstedt, but in the end the people decided to give Jahn Teigen the honour. Bless him.
I'm sure it must have been a very close call, as Nora Brockstedt is one of the lovely superstars of early Eurovision.

She sang with the popular Monn Keys in the early 50's  and scored some popular tunes before she set foot on the Eurovision stage like En Liten Pike I Lave Sko and Eurocover Augustin (see below) .
She represented Norway on their first two Eurovision entries and after that Nora tried four times more in the national finals, the last time being in 1977.
In the 21st century Nora is still singing, she released her latest CD For Swingende in 2008.
You could have seen Nora Brockstedt live in action on May 28 at the Byporten shopping centre in Oslo. Bobbysocks! and Maria Haukaas Storeng also joined. (Byporten info).
update BeaRecords happened to be shopping in Oslo and recorded this footage of Nora Brockstedts performance of Voi Voi  for Youtube. BeaRecords YouTube channel is here.

Voi Voi
The first Eurovision entry for Norway was the brilliant Voi Voi by Nora Brockstedt. It ended 4th and still remains a popular tune in Norway. Nora recorded Norwegian, Swedish, Danish and English versions of the song. Voi Voi was a # 5 hit on the Norwegian charts (9 weeks on the list)
In 1988 a new version was released by Nora and the original singer can also be heard on some coverversions.
A very 21st century rappy coverversion is by Superstars who use the original version of the song. See the videoclip here at YouTube.

Follow up Sommer I Palma, also by Nora,  ended 7th at the contest but was picked up by two French Eurovision singers Isabelle Aubret  (the 1962 winner for France) and Jean Claude Pascal  (1961 winner for Luxembourg) both recorded the song as Si Mon Amour.
Finnish Eurovision legend Laila Kinnunen recorded the song in Finnish and Swedish.

Nora Brockstedts own collection of Eurocovers starts in 1957 with Norwegian and Swedish versions of the Danish entry Skibet Skal Sejle I Nat.

Below is a list of all Nora's Eurovision songs including all the Eurocovers I know of. There's many details missing, especially label info on the Norwegian releases. So if you know more, just let me know. I'm also looking for a complete picture sleeve scan of Sommer I Palma.

Nora Brockstedt
Eurovision and Eurocovers Discography.
Norway 1960 - Voi Voi
- Voi Voi (norwegian) on 7"(Karussell KM12)
- Big boy (english) - as Norah Brockstedt on 7" (U.K.: Top Rank JAR 353)
- Voi Voi (swedish) on 7" (Sweden: Joker JK 4004)
- Voi Voi (danish) on 7" (Denmark: Karussell KD 5010)
- Voi Voi (1988) on 7" (Garlic Records GR-1)
- Voi Voi (2006) - Bjelleklang with Nora Brockstedt
---on CD Sokker I Sandaler (Big Box records BBRCD 012, 2006)
- Voi Voi (2006) - Superstars (pop-rap version with original sample)
---Two versions on cdsingle  (Soundfarm recordings SFRCDS 0601)
Norway 1961 - Sommer I Palma
- Sommer I Palma (norwegian) on EP (Karussell TNEP 1062)
- Sommar I Palma (swedish) (Sweden: Joker JK 4014)
Denmark 1957 - Skibet Skal Sejle I Natt
---(Birthe Wilke & Gustav Winckler)
- Skibet skal seile i natt (norwegian) -  (RCA, details wanted)
- Skeppet skall segla i natt (swedish) on 7" (Cupol CS 4521)
--- & EP Höst i en park i Paris (Cupol SEP 105)
France 1958 - Dors Mon Amour (André Claveau)
- Sov i min favn (norwegian) on 7" (details wanted)
---and CD Tango For To, 50 Innspillinger Fra 50 År.
- Sov, min älskling (swedish) on EP (Cupol CEP 193) also includes I Det Blå.
Italy 1958 - Volare (Domenico Modugno)
- I dine blå øynes blå (norwegian) -  release details wanted
- I det blå (swedish) on EP (Cupol CEP 193)
Sweden 1959 - Augustin (Brita Borg)
- Augustin (norwegian) -  7" (RCA NA 1099) - a 5/7 hit in Norway
- Augustin (swedish) on EP (Cupol CEP 214, pic below)
Norway 1963 Solhverv
---(Anita Thallaug at Eurovision)
This song was performed twice in the Norwegian National selection, once by Jan Høiland and once by Nora Brockstedt. A different singer, Anita Thallaug, performed it at Eurovision and Jan Høiland is the only one to release the song (7" Columbia GN 1755).

Special thanks to Erik.

Sources: Eurovision Collectors Guide 1956-2005
The 10.000 Coverversions Project
Rate Your Music (Augustin label image).

The Oslo Collection for all your 2010 release news.
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