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2008 - Anno Domenico: Volare International - Norway

With Eurovision 2008 on track with all entries chosen it's a long wait until the big nights. Instead of speculations, fan polls and betting odds, Eurocovers goes on about their regular business: 50 years of Volare.

I have updated the list with coverversions of Volare with the latest finds and corrections added. You can find it  here.
The Word Document features details on Domenico Modugno's own recordings of the song plus 1100 coverversions. There's some picture sleeves too for your entertainment.

In the previous Volare file, listing over 1000 coverversions of the Italian 1958 classic there were versions in about 25 languages but not in Norwegian. Thanks to Erik that has changed and here's two versions of the song in that language.

The first one is already mentioned in the Eurocovers post about Birthday Girl Nora Brockstedt. You can find her complete Eurocovers discography in the same post, just below the bit about Alex Chilton. Her Volare is titled I Dine Blå Øynes Blå.

Vi Svever Høyt I Det BlåThe second and quite different Norwegian version is by Inger Jacobsen (with the Monn Keys), another Eurovision singer who ended 10th in the 1962 contest with Kom Sol, Kom Regn (Come sun, come rain).
Kom Sol, Kom Regn can be found on the CD Diamanter - Presang Til Mor, one of two CDs collecting her most known work. (The other CD is just titled Diamanter and features a remastered Volare). Both CDs are on EMI Norway.

National selection regular Inger Jacobsen (1923 - 1996) also recorded the first two Norwegian entries Voi Voi and Sommer I Palma. Jacobsen had sung Voi Voi in a semi final.
The above Dameblad picture of Inger Jacobsen is stolen from an article / discography (in Norwegian) which you can find here at MIC Norsk Musikinformasjon.
Although the site being in Norwegian doesn't make it easy, it's a fantastic browse for discography's, picture sleeves and bio's on many Norwegian artists.

Details on original vinyls wanted.

Thanks Erik!

2008: Anno Domenico is a tribute to Domenico Modugno's Eurovision classic Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu (Volare) which conquered the world 50 years ago. Eurocovers will feature half a century of remarkable coverversions of the Italian evergreen.
Other International Volares featured at Eurocovers are from
Japan + Texas and Brasil.
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