Sunday, January 27, 2008

Anno Domenico: Pleased To Meet Alex Chilton

The first time I ever heard of Alex Chilton was in a song by The Replacements. On their LP Pleased To Meet Me from 1987 (still a favorite LP of mine) there's a song bearing Chilton's name.

I remember buying that LP initially because I thought the graphics were so cool.
So then I discovered that Alex Chilton is a cult figure who was in the Box Tops at 16 (remember The Letter ?) and Big Star.

In the same year, 1987, Alex Chilton released his acclaimed solo LP High Priest for which he recorded Volare in his inimitable ironic vocal style.

Read more about Alex Chilton, Big Star and the Box Tops at
If you haven't done so yet, you should really watch The Letter by the Box Tops in this Youtube video and see the magic of Alex Chilton.
The CD version of the Replacements LP Pleased To Meet Me is available at most internet stores and a recommended 80's fun power pop punk rock album. (Although it really should be listened to (loud!) on vinyl, some LPs are just better that way).
The Replacements' Alex Chilton video (youtube) is here

2008: Anno Domenico will feature 50 years of coverversions of Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu (Volare).With this link you'll get all the Eurocovers Posts that have featured the song so far.

BLOG TIP: Nora Brockstedt at Global Vintage
A whole week of Nora Brockstedt goodies at the 'new' blog Global Vintage. Nora Brockstedt is the singer of the first two Eurovision entries for Norway: Voi Voi from 1960 and Sommer I Palma from 1961.
She celebrated her 85th birthday last week and Global Vintage is the place to party!

Nora Brockstedt also recorded Volare as I Dine Blå Øynes Blå in Norwegian (record details wanted) and as I Det Blå in Swedish.
Nora Brockstedt Eurocovers Discography (any additions welcome!!)
UPDATED - Thanks Erik for the additions & correction!

Denmark 1957 - Skibet Skal Sejle I Natt (Birthe Wilke & Gustav Winckler)
- Skibet skal seile I natt (Norwegian) - details wanted
- Skeppet skall segla i natt (Swedish) on 7" (Cupol CS 4521) & EP Höst i en park i Paris (Cupol SEP 105)
France 1958 - Dors Mon Amour (André Claveau)
- Sov I min favn (Norwegian) on 7" (details wanted) & CD Tango For To, 50 Innspillinger Fra 50 År.
- Sov, min älskling (Swedish) on EP (Cupol CEP 193) also includes I Det Blå.
Italy 1958 - Volare (Domenico Modugno)
- I dine blå øynes blå (Norwegian) - release details wanted
- I det blå (Swedish) on EP (Cupol CEP 193)
Sweden 1959 - Augustin (Brita Borg)
- Augustin (Norwegian) - details wanted, a 5/7 hit in Norway
- Augustin (Swedish) on EP (Cupol CEP 214)
Norway 1963 - Solhverv (Anita Thallaug at Eurovision) This song was performed twice in the Norwegian National selection, once by Jan Høiland and once by Nora Brockstedt. A different singer sang it at Eurovision and Jan Høiland is the only one to release the song.


Nick Motown said...

hey there! i'm amazed you use so much space to advertise my blog. thanks a lot!

and to stick to the topic: while browsing the net to get a little information about nora brockstedt i found out there is also a danish version of "voi voi". do you have that? i'd be absolutely thrilled to hear it (i'm learning danish right now).

regarding my blog: i was a little lazy after the nora brockstedt week - but i prepared a post on turkish nancy sinatra covers lately. it will appear soon.

Eurocovers said...

I'm glad to feature your blog as the Nora B. stuff is fabulous.
I know there is a Danish version of Voi Voi but sadly I don't have a recording (let alone a single) of it.
It was released on the Karussell label with Catalogue number KD 5010, but that's all I can tell you.