Sunday, January 13, 2008

Anno Domenico: Volare for Ethiopia (1985)

Do They Know It's Christmas, We Are The World. The 80's saw a host of allegedly well meant millionselling songs aimed to raise money for the starving and to Feed The World. I can try to be as PC as possible, but after 20 years people still are quite hungry. What's Going On?

Every European country had it's own version of the charity explosion and that's where Volare comes into the frame. In 1985 a host of Italian stars recorded Modugno's song to raise some cash for Ethiopia: Musica Italiana Per L'Etiopia. You know the images: priviliged people in casual daywear, headphones in check, eyes closed, passionately acting and singing one whole line to do their bit for the needy.

The Italian effort featured the popular recording artists at the time, some has beens and even the occasional Eurovision artist* (or to be). And lovely Milva! (her solo version of Volare is here)
Angelo Branduardi, Banco, Claudia Mori, Dik Dik, Dori Ghezzi*, Enrico Ruggeri*, Eugenio Finardi, Fabrizio De Andrè, Gianna Nannini, Gianni Togni, Giuni Russo, Ivano Fossati, Loredana Bertè, Lucio Dalla, Maurizio Fabrizio, Milva, Patty Pravo, Riccardo Fogli*, Ron, Rossana Casale, Tony Esposito and Vasco Rossi.

The song was released on a 7" inch single (Ricordi ET 0100) at 3500 Lire and a 12"inch with an extended version (Ricordi ETX 0100) at 7000 Lire. Both discs also have the instrumental version. It was a #2 hit in the Italian charts in may 1985 and was the 27th best selling single of the year. We Are The World was the best selling hit in Italy that year.

----Ethiopia is here

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