Thursday, January 31, 2008

Vivo cantando - Carnaval is coming!

With Carnaval coming to the lowlands this weekend it's time to share this gem. Way back in the 70's someone thought it a good idea to humpa-up the Spanish Eurovision entry of 1969 Vivo Cantando, originally by Salomé. The song was one of 4 winners that year, the only year in Eurovision history that saw multiple winners. Ja Ja Daar Gaan We translates roughly as Yeah, Yeah, here we go.

Ad Nijkamp was one of Father Abraham's Good Sons (Goede zonen) The Father Abraham we all know and love from the Smurf Song. De Goede Zonen were his band in the early 70's and together they scored many hits and Carnaval schlagers in the Netherlands. Later Ad Nijkamp became Father Abrahams manager.

This coverversion has an added melody in the song, which was used in several other coverversions of Vivo Cantando, but hasn't been sung by the original performer. For example the version by Birthe Kjaer and the German one by Edina Pop (Marika Késmárky) you can find in this Eurocovers post (Zwischen Wolga und Don). A drag version of the song titled Wintersport can be found in the Eurocovers post Free at last, Costume Drama at Eurocovers.

The pictures are the front and back of the record sleeve. ----- 

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