Thursday, November 26, 2009

Pia Beck 1925 - 2009

Dutch Jazz pianist Pia Beck has died. She was a bit of a legend over here and I remember her TV performances in variety shows from the 70's well. But my memory doesn't go back far enough to recall Pia Becks popularity in the 50's and 60's.
Next to playing the piano she also sang on many of her records.
Below is one track she recorded for her LP Beck To The Future (1990). It's a coverversion of the Norwegian 1985 winner La Det Swinge (Bobbysocks!)
She also recorded a version of the Dutch 1959 winner 'n Beetje.

Some links:

Pia Beck Homepage with condolences register (in Dutch)
Some Youtubes: That's Life - C'est Formidable
Pia Beck Wiki (Dutch and German)

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Anonymous said...

Lovely recording!

I love to read your 2010 postings as well, keep this website as one of my few favourites. Thanks so much for all writing and sharnig you did so far!