Saturday, September 15, 2012

Tanya V - Euphoria in Afrikaans

Here's the new video of the Afrikaans coverversion of Loreens 2012 Eurovision winner Euphoria.
The Afrikaans lyrics are written by Chrissie Rossouw.
Tanya V's facebook

Mia - Eufooria
Estonian singer Mia recorded a version in her own language. It uses the original backingtrack so it's not an official release. But it's fun and can listen to it here and there you'll also find a download link (for a wave file).

You may know Mia from her 2012 Eurolaul entry Bon Voyage.

Monday, September 03, 2012

Angelina I Els Moderns - Canto I Vull Viure

Here's a bit of Catalonian Retro fun for all to be enjoyed.
Angelina and her Modern Boys do not only have the looks, but also have the tunes to go with it.
On their eponymous 2009 album they treat us to Nina De Cera, a Catalan version of Poupée De Cire, Poupée De Son (Luxembourgs 1965 winner by France Gall). You can listen to the full album here at their website.

Also on their website is a section called Gran Reserva in which they present some unreleased songs and you can even download them. One of the songs is Canto I Vull Viure, which is their take on the Catalan version of the 1969 Spanish Eurovision (co)winner Vivo Cantando originally by Salomé.
You can download that one here at the Gran Reserva download page (just rightclick on the title and save).
(or just have a listen here)

Angelina I Els Moderns - links and sources
Website - Myspace - Facebook - Youtube

Note From The Editor
All links to uploaded songs at Eurocovers have been deleted as my uploader has terminated my account for copyright infringement.
I can understand their point of view and bear no grudge against them, but to the petty little weazels who scour the internet just to be able to snitch for a few pennies: I hope your children will be ugly.

I won't be creating a new account, so from now on Eurocovers will only feature news, release info and links to websites with content that is legal and interesting for the Eurocovers reader.
All the Eurocovers posts, stories, discographies etcetera, stay up and I hope you'll still enjoy the read.
It was great while it lasted, wasn't it?