Sunday, December 18, 2011

Smurfular Eurocovers 2011

Here's a shopping tip for the kids, just in time for the Christmasjul:
Having barely recovered from their multi million grossing movie theatre success the little blue guys (+1 girl) in the white pointy hats are at it again.
The Smurfs (or Smurfarna in Swedish) have recorded a Swedish version of Popular for their new album Smurfparty 3.
They call the song Populär. Also on the same album is a version of the Norwegian entry Haba Haba, now titled Bada Bada.
The album is out on Warner / Metronome on december 7. (WMS-5052498-980826)

The same two tracks can be found on their new Norwegian album Smurfeparty 3 (as Smurfene). Popular becomes Populær and Haba Haba is now Dans Meg Til Smurfeland. (Warner 5052498981021)

Since the little critters are cunning multilinguists they also recorded a Danish version Populær for their new Danish album Smølfeparty 3 (as the Smølferne) but that one doesn't have Haba Haba. (Warner Music Nordic)

Eric Saade's Popular and Stella Mwangi's Haba Haba were the 2011 Eurovision entries for Sweden and Norway respectively.
(links will take you to the Düsseldorf Collection pages)
Some Smurftastic Eurocovers of the 2009 and 2010 contest are documented here also featuring some smurfing oldies.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

CD news: Young for 50 years: Dúo Dinámico

Here’s some info on a new CD album by Dúo Dinámico, just released last week.
The duo are Manuel De La Calva and Rámon Arcusa from Spain and they have been at it for 50 years now, hence the albums title: Young for 50 years.
Somos Jovenes 50 Años is a collection of newly recorded duet versions of songs from the rich Arcusa / De La Calva vaults. Of course it includes their much debated 1968 Eurovision winner La La La in an interesting new version.

At Eurovision the song was performed by Massiel after the original choice singer Joan Manuel Serrat was axed for wanting to sing in Catalan. (more about that here).
Dúo Dinámico have now recorded La La La with Serrat. The first part of the song is Serrat singing in Catalan, the second part is the duo singing in Spanish.
Perhaps not the best version of the song, but an interesting version for the die hard fans and collectors.

The CD is out in Spain now and also available digitally at Los Tunos. The CD version comes with a DVD with a 'making of' the Somos Jovenes documentary and rare archive material in which they undoubtedly sport many of their attractive trademark sweater vests.

The full tracklist of the album:
01 Quisiera Ser - with Miguel Rios
02 Como Ayer - with Soledad Gimenez
03 Resistire - with Alaska
04 Perdoname - with Lolita
05 Eres Tu - with Andy y Lucas (not the Mocedades song)
06 Amor De Verano - with Carlos Baute
07 Quince Años Tiene Mi Amor - with Ana Torroja
08 Esos Ojitos Negros - with Diana Navarro
09 Somos Jovenes - with Los Pecos
10 Lolita Twist - with Leslie of Los Sirex and Santi of Los Mustang
11 Soy Un Truhan Soy Un Señor - with Julio Iglesias
12 La La La - with Joan Manuel Serrat

Title track Somos Jóvenes is a 1962 hit for the duo. Quisiera Ser is also the title of a 2007 musical built with 24 songs of the dynamic boys in Mamma Mia style.
Como Ayer from 1966 is one of their many contest winning hits, in this case the Mediterranean Song Festival.
In the early seventies they more or less stopped recording and focussed on writing and producing for other artists.
In 1968 the duo recorded and released La La La themselves (as Manolo y Ramon)

Special thanks to José Antonio

Some older La La La posts at Eurocovers:
Norwegian with Kirsti, Oddvar and Arne.
Icelandic with the modern kids of Nútímabörn.
La La La and I'll Cry If I Want To with Lesley Gore.
Estonian with Leelo Karp.

Thursday, December 08, 2011

It's blue and it's a single!

German noisy jumpers Scooter recorded C'est Bleu for their new album The Big Mash Up. They got a little help of Eurovision Royal Vicky Leandros, the original singer of L'Amour Est Blue.

The 1967 song, a.k.a. Love Is Blue only ended 4th in the contest, but it became an evergreen. Although several other versions stole Vicky's thunder.
But she's making up for that with a vengeance:  the Scooter/Vicky track is released as a cdsingle (and download of course) and ít will be a smash hit. It's out on the Sheffield/Edel label in Germany.
And above is the official video which is from the Scooter Youtube channel.

BeaRecords sells the 2-track cdsingle which also features the Dubstyle remix of the song.

Update: O.K. it's not # 1 yet, but C'est Bleu enters the German charts at a modest #77 (week 50)

Love Love Love
Eurocovers loves L'Amour Est Bleu a lot (and so do many of you) so there have been several posts since the very first Eurocovers piece on Paul Mauriat and his re-invented 2nd version of the same song.
Check out these:
10.000 coverversions: #2 most covered Eurovision song with The Dells, Liberace and the Amazing Dorothy Ashby.
Little Tempo ft Yoko Futita.
Love Is Blue special with The Pees, Moony and of course Barbara Y Dick.
Thank you India, versions in Hindi and Telugu
Ann Margret or not?
Funky bagpipes: Rufus Harley (if you only check out one....)
Rouge Hot from China
Yvetta Simonova
Åse Kleveland
Disco Colors (tubeclip only)

Saturday, December 03, 2011

Poupée de cire, Poupée de son x 2

Viva Niñas

Here's a lovely coverversion of Poupée De Cire, Poupée De Son, the Luxembourg Eurovision winner originally by France Gall. Viva Niñas are Véronica Codesal, Soetkin Collier and Sophie Cavez, all members of Urban Trad of Sanomi fame (Eurovision 2003).
The girls love Eurovision and have performed many Eurovision hits in their live shows From Waterloo To Sanomi.
Poupée De Cire, Poupée De Son was released as a digital single last year and is still available at your digital outlets.

Above audio is from the Viva Niñas Youtube channel.
Also check out.Vina Niñas Myspace.

Jean Cristophe
And here's another cover of the Serge Gainsbourg / France Gall classic. Less cheery-uppety than the Niñas, but equally lovely.
This track is from an album that is scheduled for release on Valentines day 2012: Ma Vie En Rose by Jean Cristophe.

Jean Christophe Ma Vie En Rose website.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Anggun - Puppet on A String - En Route Pour L'Eurovision

Here's Anggun performing Puppet On A String in the 2011 Eurovision presentation show where the 2011 French entry Sognu by Amaury Vassili was introduced.
It was just announced that the same Anggun will represent France in the 2012 contest in Baku. Find out more about next years French bid here at the Baku Collection.

Some Indonesian Eurocovers at the following pages: Lilis Suryani, Hamidah Ahmad, Sandra Reemer

Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Kids Are Alright 2011

Avid contest fanatics know that next to the Eurovision Song Contest for the grups there's a version for the kids. The Junior Eurovision Song Contest is going into its 9th edition this year in Yerevan, Armenia.
Loads of fun to be had for the kids.
The kids of 13 countries will sing their pretty little hearts out for their homeland on the 3rd of December.

To celebrate, here's some kids covering some of your favorite Israeli Eurocovers.
The kids on the right are Ensemble Theila, a group of kids doing song and dance through their school (St. Petersburg School № 274 Yerushalayim, Russia).
The happy bunch made an album My Little Land (private issue) covering the classics from Israel, including some Eurovision songs. Some surprising choices and some obvious ones.

The Eurovision songs are:
A Ba Ni Bi, Israels first winner from 1978 (Izhar Cohen and the Alpha Beta).
Hallelujah, the follow up and a home win for Milk and Honey in 1979.
Kan, Duo Datzes #3 from the 1991 contest and still the best example of a classic Israel entry, choreography and all. Love.
Ze Rak Sport (The Theila's call it Rak Sport). This is a bit of a surprise, as I have never before come accross a coverversion of this 1992 entry. Ze Rak Sport was a sunny and poppy ode to the Olympics to be held in Barcelona, Spain that year. Dafna Dekel and her handsome conga boys reached 6th place at the Stockholm contest. The English version of the song was titled Viva Sport.
Amen, Liora's 1995 effort to make a new Hallelujah didn't quite achieve that, but still ended 8th.

Israel has never participated in the Junior, but they sent a 12 y.o. to the grown up contest back in 1989.
Russia has been doing Junior since 2005. They won in 2006 and ended 2nd in 2009 and 2010.

Special thanks to StPeters78

A few years back Eurocovers featured some more kids stuff to celebrate the JESC: The Kids Are Alright 2007.
Part 1: The Girls - Marisol, Tatiana, Teresa Strobl
Part 2: The Boys - Robertino, Demis, Hákon Guðni Hjartarson
Part 3: The Angels - Little Angels of Korea, Les Petits Chanteurs A La Croix Du Boix, Les Petits Chanteurs D'Aix En Provence 
Another wonderful kid is Jacques Aylestock in this Eurocovers post.

The 2011 Junior Eurovision CD (2CD with original an karaoke versions) will be available through BeaRecords. They also stock a host of other Junior ESC CDs and cdsingles of past contests.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Off Topic: Cœur De Pirate - Blonde

Off Topic Topic alert! But here's a shopping tip for everyone who likes a bit of French Pop.
I just ordered the CD Blonde by Cœur De Pirate, because it's wonderful, lovely, gorgeous and all that.
I stumbled accross the Cœur De Pirate website landing on the Boutique page. Scroll down a bit you can listen to all tracks of the album. If you do just that I won't have to blab on about how lovely this album is.
I hadn't heard of Cœur De Pirate before (nobody told me) but it turns out it's a nom de plume for Béatrice Martin from Quebec.
She already has one hitalbum behind her with Cœur De Pirate, which spent over two years in the French charts (and still I missed it).
She had a #1 in France in 2009 too, a Duet with Julien Doré: Pour Un Infidèle, which also scored a top 10 hit in both Belgiums.

Blonde is CDP's second album and it just entered the Canadian album charts at #5.
It's poppy, romantic, sometimes emotional (Cap Diamant is goosebumps material) a bit retro and definitely sexy.
Of course there are some comparisons that pop up right away and it would be very easy to say Vanessa Paradis. Actually, if you like VP, you'll love CDP. There's also a hint of Lykke Li or Alizée or even Françoise Hardy from the olden days.

A la Boutique you can buy the digital download, CD or LP of the album. But if you buy any of the physical formats you get the digital version as well (and straight away, listening to it now). Very easy payments and worldwide distribution are available.

Now if only Switzerland would go back to scouting in Canada for their Eurovision entries....

Cœur De Pirate website
The clip below is the first hitsingle from the album titled Adieu.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Sha La Lie, Sha La La 11-11-11

Sha La Lie, Sha La La, that song just keeps on giving.
11 - 11 - 11 sees another cover version of  Sieneke’s Dutch schlager entry to the Oslo Eurovision Song Contest of 2010.
The song didn't reach the final but it's probably the most covered entry of 2010. (in fierce competition with the Danish entry In A Moment Like This)

The new release is from Germany. Cölln Girls have recorded Sha-La-Lie in Kölsh (the language / dialect spoken in Cologne) in time for the launch of Karneval season 2011/2012.
After Sebastian Charelle and Jäger DJ Alex / Matti Valentino this is the third German language version of the Father Abraham (Pierre Kartner) penned song.

A cdsingle by the Cölln Girls is released by Pavement records (4012122801669) and also has two other songs.
The track is also available through various digital sources and it can be found on the various artists CD Karneval Der Stars folge 41.
Cölln Girls website has a soundclip
Read all about the ongoing avalanche of Sha La Lie's here at the Oslo collection.
Here's an amateur live recording (the tube)

Friday, November 11, 2011

The Road To Baku - I Quattro

Swiss TV have announced the line-up of their National Final to be held on December 10. Eurocovers already did a bit about la Grandmère D'Eurovision Lys Assia in this post, and I'm glad she's through to the final 14.

One act Lys Assia will have to compete against is I Quattro, not the sons of Suzi (unfortunately), but a group of four tenors Roger Widmer, Simon Jäger, Damian Meier and Matthias Aeberhard.
Their debut album Passione from 2009 reportedly shifted 30.000 copies in Switzerland. This album includes a coverversion of Io Senza Te (Me without you), the 1981 Swiss entry originally by Peter, Sue and Marc*.
The song ended in 4th place and was a hit in Dutch as Het Is Nog Niet Voorbij (It's not over yet) for Willeke Alberti in 1982 and for Gerard Joling in 2008. (Both are Dutch Eurovision singers). A Swedish version was recorded by Kicki Moberg (Leva Utan Dig).
The song was covered in Italian, French, Dutch, Swedish, Finnish, Spanish and Norwegian.
Below is the Io Senza Te video from the 2009 TV show Die Grössten Schweizer Hits, which was more or less the breakthrough moment for I Quattro.

Update: I Quattro ended 4th in the Swiss national final. Read all about the winner here at the Baku Collection.

On the second I Quattro album Emozioni two Eurocovers can be found. Ne Partez Pas Sans Moi (Don't leave without me) is the Swiss 1988 winner by Celine Dion. Viver Senza Tei (To live without you) is the Swiss entry from 1989. It was performed by Furbaz, the group of Marie Louise Werth and the songs main claim to Eurovision History fame is that it's the only Swiss entry ever to be performed in Romansch, the language of the Graubünden area.
Emozioni also includes a coverversion of Lys Assia's Oh Mein Papa.
The third I Quattro album was their 2010 Christmas album Winterträume.

The I Quattro are sensitive boys: all their Eurocovers are about loneliness and stuff. So it's no surprise their Eurovision effort is titled Fragile. The song will be performed in English and is a big classical ballad you might expect from four tenors.

Peter, Sue and Marc.
* Eurovision anoraks already knew this but if you didn't: Peter Sue and Marc are in the Eurovision History-Book-On-The-Shelf for participating four times (quite a feat in itself) in four different languages.
Their first entry Les Illusions De Nos Vingt Ans which was in French (12th in 1971). 1976 song Djambo Djambo was in English (4th place).
In 1979 German language song Trödler Und Company took them to 10th place, albeit with the help of some blokes called Pfuri, Gorps and Kniri and their assortment of garden utensils. (Oh, those golden days when Eurovision was only about the music....).
The final and arguably best Peter, Sue and Marc effort was Io Senza Te, sung in Italian and reaching 4th place in 1981.

Listen to the 2012 Swiss final songs here at SF TV.
For more on Eurovision 2012 check The Baku Collection.
Some more Swiss Eurocovers: Swiss Lady from Kenya, 'T En Va Pas - Dana Valery, Refrain - Jula de Palma, Flo Sandon's.

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Hablemos Del Awards: Manuel Alejandro

Congratulations are in order: Composer Manuel Alejandro receives a lifetime achievement award at this years Latin Grammy Awards.
Eurovision fans know him from two of Spains classic songs Yo Soy Aquel and Hablemos Del Amor, both performed by Raphael at the contest. Alejandro composed many of Raphaels hits.

In his career spanning almost 50 years, Manuel Alejandro also wrote for artists like Julio Iglesias, Rócio Durado, Angelica Maria, Jeanette, Luis Miguel, Fangoria, Luz Casal, Marisol, Emmanuel and many others.

Yo Soy Aquel, Spains 1966 Eurovision song is a classic that is still being recorded in this millenium. Check out this Eurocovers post for some interesting new versions.
The song also features in many incarnations of the Monte Christo TV series.
One of the most recent coverversions of Yo Soy Aquel is recorded by this years Russian Eurovision singer Alexej Vorobyev/Alex Sparrow, who recorded it for the Russian version of Monte Christo.

Other artists that have recorded Yo Soy Aquel are Chayanne, Gerardo, Oscar Golden, Imelda Miller, Juan Legido, Ned Nelson, Kenny Damon, Portuguese Eurovision star Simone de Oliveira, Willy Alberti, Louis Ramirez, Ray Conniff, Paul Mauriat and Raymond Lefevre.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Road To Baku - Lys Assia

I know, christmas is up first, but it’s already so busy on the Eurovision 2012 that Eurocovers will take an early peak on artists who are trying to get to Baku by means of their national finals.
Switzerland has a very extensive preselection (more info here) with well over 200 songs participating in various broadcasters pre-pre-pre voting extravaganzi.

One artist that of course caught everybody’s attention is Lys Assia, who enters the selection with C’était Ma Vie penned by 'Mister Eurovision' Ralph Siegel with lyrics by 'Mister L’Oiseau Et L’Enfant' Jean Paul Cara.
The song is a big orchestra driven ballad reminiscing of the olden days. It's Lys Assia's My Way or This Is My Life (The Shirley Bassey one). I don't know if there's a place for the rather old fashioned entry in todays Eurovision field, but it's great to see the old gal is still at it.

Update: Broadcaster SF has announced that Lys Assia will proceed to the Swiss National Final on December 10. Congratulations!
Another Update: Lys Assia ended 4th in the Swiss national final. Read all about the winner here at the Baku Collection.

Eurovision fans will of course know (and some even remember) the Grand Dame / Grand Ma of Eurovision as the first ever winner of our annual music fest. With the song Refrain, written by Geo Voumard and Émile Gardaz, Lys Assia won the initial edition of the Eurovision Song Contest back in 1956.

In 1956 each of the seven participating countries had two songs in the (radio only) competition. Switzerland selected  Lys Assia with Das Alte Karussell (The old Carousel) and the eventual winner Refrain.

The Swiss must have loved Lys a lot as she went on representing the country in 1957 with L'enfant Que j'Étais (The child that I was, 8th place) and in 1958 with her best effort Giorgio (2nd place, brilliant song).

Lys Assia’s biggest hit was not any of her Eurovision songs (although Giorgio did quite well in several pre historic charts) but her version the evergreen Oh Mein Papa (1950). Other hits include Arrivederci Roma (1956) Deine Liebe (1957), Ein Kleiner Gold'ner Ring (1961) and Die Sterne Von Syrakus (1962).

In my book there are three Eurovision songs Lys Assia covered. There may be more, as Lys Assia must have recorded about a million songs in the 50’s and sixties.

Italy 1961: Al Di Là (Betty Curtis)
In Italian with the Dino Olivieri Orchestra
- on EP Philips 431 054, also LP San Remo's greatest hits 1958-1966

Denmark 1963: Dansevise (Grethe and Jørgen Ingmann)
Der Sommer ging voruber (German)
- single Telefunken U 55705

U.K. 1963: Say Wonderful Things (Ronnie Carroll)
Zwei blaue Vergißmeinnicht (German)
- single Telefunken U 55705
(Both 1963 songs were released on the same single)

Bonus Adorable Lys - A medley recorded in 1964 with the Addy Flor orchestra sung in English, German, French and Spanish including a bit of Refrain.

Related Eurocovers posts and links
Geo Voumard / Jula De Palma (Refrain), Flo Sandon's (Refrain)
Ralph Siegel: Dschinghis Khan (Moscow weeks) Dschinghis Khan (Korea) I Can't Live Without Music (Russia) Ein Bisschen Frieden (Korea, Norway, Korea II)
Jean Paul Cara: L'Oiseau style Zouk

Eurovision 2012 - The Baku Collection
Shopping: Lys Assia at BeaRecords

Monday, October 10, 2011

Absent Friend - Ingvar Wixell 1931 - 2011

Swedish Opera singer and Eurovision star Ingvar Wixell died.

Wixell's place in Eurovision history is highlighted by the fact that he sung his entry (for Sweden) Absent Friend in English. No one* had done that before and it also caused the much debated language rule to be introduced where every artist must sing in his own countries' language.
* of course except U.K. entries and the first Irish one, on stage 7 songs before Wixell.

Absent Friend was originally Annorstädes Vals in Swedish. Ingvar Wixell sang six songs in the Swedish national final of 1965 (Svensk sångfinal). He never recorded any other Eurovision song.
Ingvar Wixell was a celebrated baritone who performed for many years with the Stockholm Opera and the German Opera of Berlin. Many of his classical performances were released on LP/CD.
He also recorded a popular christmas album Christmas Music In Sweden (1964).

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Re-release news, not so historic B.O.M. album finally gets CD release.

Brotherhood Of Man, you either love'em or adore'em.
The 1976 Eurovision winners (Save Your Kisses For Me) were quite succesful in the 70's.
The Eurovision line-up we all know and love had some international hits before the contest (1975 hit Kiss Me, Kiss Your Baby was the first B.O.M. single I bought).
They also managed to hold on to their success after Eurovision (Angelo, even though a blatant ABBA - Fernando rip-off, is totally brilliant).
An early incarnation of the band had also scored some hits in the U.S. in the early seventies, most notably United We Stand.

By the time the eighties came around, the stream of hits dried up and some clever people at B.O.M.s headquarters thought a greatest-hits-of-other-people LP would be a good idea.
And they were not wrong. The LP stayed on the U.K. charts for two months and achieved gold record status.
Brotherhood Of Man Sing Twenty Number One Hits features, well, 20 #1 hits. Most songs were hits in the 70's. The album includes one Eurocover: What's Another Year by Johnny Logan, the Irish winner of 1980.
Other tracks are ABBA's Dancing Queen, Boney M's Rivers Of Babylon and the Commodores' Three Times A Lady.
See tracklist below for all 20 #1 hits.

Da' Brotherhood tried to repeat the success with a similar double album with 20 disco hits and 20 love songs titled 20 Disco Greats / 20 Love Songs. but that failed to repeat the popularity of 20 #1 hits .
The Eurovision line-up of Brotherhood Of Man are still going strong and perform often on the Eurovision / nostalgia circuit, both with 70's tribute shows and their own material. A good time guaranteed for all. Respect!

The original Twenty Number One Hits LP was released in 1980 on the Warwick label, the CD re-issue is released on Northwold records. It's out 10-10-11.

Brotherhood Of Man Sing Twenty Number One Hits
We Don't Talk Anymore
Bright Eyes
When You're in Love with a Beautiful Woman
Don't Give Up on Us Baby
Together We Are Beautiful
What's Another Year
I Will Survive
I'm Not in Love
Working My Way Back to You
Mull of Kintyre
Dancing Queen
When I Need You
Rivers of Babylon
If You Leave Me Now
Don't Go Breaking My Heart
Three Times a Lady
One Day at a Time
When Will I See You Again
Annie's Song

A Norwegian version of Save Your Kisses For Me by the Bendik Singers can be found in this Eurocovers post. A Czech version by Helena Vondrackova and Jiri Korn is here.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Schlager time: Elz Bakker revives Carola's Invincible

I noticed this schlager ditty entered the Dutch single top 100 this week.
It's a coverversion of Carola's 3rd Eurovision entry Invincible (Evighet in the Swedish selection).
Carola's English version ended up 5th in the Athens Eurovision Song Contest of 2006.
Elz Bakker's Dutch coverversion Laat Mij Voor Jou De Laatste Zijn (Let me be your last one) is out now on the NRGY label.
Downloads are available at the tunes and other sources.

More Carola at Eurocovers in 2008.

Invincible coverversions discography
Sonja Aldén (English)
- This is the orginal demo which was released on the CD collection Melodifestivalen 10 År På Turné 2002-2011. (only on the Gold edition with 7CDs)
Tomas Andersson Wij (Swedish)
- on CD En Introduktion Till Tomas Andersson Wij (Sonet/Universal)
This acoustic ballad version was first performed at the 2007 Melodifestivalen final.
Popkidz (Swedish)
- on CD Number One (Ariola) 
Alain Morisod and Sweet People - J’ai rendez-vous (French)
- on CD A Chacun Son Etoile (Tricycle) (update thanks Jef!)
Marcelle Alexis (French, Canadian singer)
- French version on website, on forthcoming CD
Elz bakker - Laat Mij Voor Jou De Laatste Zijn (Dutch) - digital single (NRGY)
Aistė Pilvelytė - Su Tavimi  (Lithuanian)
- on CD Meilė Dar Gyva (Monaco records)
DNE feat. Manika - Nepremagljiv (DJT by DNE rmx, Slovenian)
- on CD Dee Jay Time: Beli album 16 (VA, Menart records) (update, thanks Miha!)
Hi-5 - 'n Ewigheid (Afrikaans)
- on CD Versoeking (Select Music)
Juanita Du Plessis - 'n Ewigheid (Afrikaans)
- on CD 10 Jaar Platinum Treffers  (Maroela Musiek)

Details on all Carola's entries and their coverversions are here in this document. (Word doc, updated september 2011)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My Hart Het Klaar Besluit and more from South Africa

Here's the official videoclip of My Hart Het Klaar Besluit by David Fourie and Monique.
It's of course the Afrikaans coverversion of Running Scared, this years Eurovision winner by Ell and Nikki (Eldar and Nigar) who took the trophy for Azerbaijan.
The song is released on the forthcoming David Fourie compilation album Die Eerste Dekade (the first decade) and will also be on Moniques forthcoming album.
The duo is also said to have recorded a cover of the English version for release on the Tunes, but I have no further details on that.

David Fourie has recorded other coverversions of Eurovision songs: Germany 1989, Norway 2003, Estonia 2002 plus a host of National final songs.

Monique had a hit in South Africa with rapper Snotkop and their Afrikaans version of the Finnish 2009 entry Lose Control titled Ek Val Vir Jou.

Some more South African covers.
It's no secret South African singers have been recording many Eurovision songs in the past few years.
Here's a few you can actually listen to a full version of a song. (more to come?...)

Haba Haba
Arista Paxton has finished her new album including no less than eight Eurocovers.
You can listen to two of the songs: Haba Haba (Norway 2011) is here at reverbnation.
Laat My Leef is a cover of Moldova's 2010 entry Run Away (originally by Olia Tira and Sunstroke Project), and it's also at Arista's Reverbnation page.
I don't know anything about the title of the CD or it's availability yet, but it is released through the Cape Town based record company Southern Buzz. Hopefully more details later.
The album has tracks in English and Afrikaans but all Eurocovers are in Afrikaans.
Among the covers on the album there is a version cover favorite Sha La Lie (Netherlands 2010) and the 2011 winner from Azerbaijan which Arista recorded with Hugo Nieuwoudt.

Peace Please
Colé van Dais has recorded several Eurocovers on her album Dink Aan My (private pressing).
One interesting track is a 4-language coverversion of Peace Will Come, the corny peace-loving ditty the Georgians unleashed upon the unsuspecting masses back in 2008. Colé van Dais' version is a duet with Marc Rantseli and is sung in English, Afrikaans, Spanish and Zulu. You can Listen to the full version at Colé's Reverbnation, which also has some of her other songs.

Not So Stupid Cupid

So Henri Alant missed out on Believe Again, the Danish 2009 hit that became the most covered song of the year. (more here at Eurocovers) but I noticed a 2010 videoclip of Cupid, a coverversion of Once In A Lifetime by Ines.
OIAL is a crafty top pop song from the days when Estonia was still whipping out quality entries every year. It was #4 in the Stockholm contest in 2000.
Henri Alants version, in Afrikaans, is from the album also titled Cupid, but I haven't found any international online shop that sells it yet.
Anyway, You can watch the official full video of Cupid here at ye olde tube.

Love Shine A Light
André Huysamen recorded the 1997 Eurovision winner Love Shine A Light (Katrina and the Waves) for his album. The hymn about love is supported by a childrens choir courtesy of the Generaal Beyers primary school. It's Liefde Skyn 'N Lig in Afrikaans and can be found on the album Imperfek.
Title song Imperfek is a coverversion of Temple Of Love, Swedish pre-song by the fab pop trio BWO (Bodies Without Organs)
I didn't find any details on the album or its availability but you can listen to both songs in full at André's Reverbnation.

Home Is Where The Heart Is
Elizma Theron has released her second CD album Oppad Na Jou (On my way to you) which includes an Afrikaans version of the German 2008 entry Disappear (by No Angels). It's titled Maak My Hart Jou Huis (Make my heart your home) and you can listen here at the tube.
The CD is available at Kalahari.

Special Thanks to Roy.

Links and sources:
Read all about the 2011 Eurovision winner versions and releases here at the Düsseldorf Collection.
The 2012 edition: The Baku Collection is materializing here.
A new website for David Fourie will be launched here soon and you can already check out a picture of him with his shirt sort of off.
This video is uploaded through the Select Musiek Youtube channel.
The Fourie CD is available at Kalahari who ship internationally.
You can buy the digital version at iTunes, Amazon, Deezer and other sources.

A selection of Eurocovers posts about South African singers: Sunette Bridges, Andriette Norman and Heinz Winkler, Jay and Lianie (with video), Dewald Louw,  Jasmyn, Mariska and Rian Ungerer (with video), Monique and Snotkop (with video), Dominec, various 2009 releases.
And some from the olden days: Dana Valery, Jody Wayne.

12points TV party
New Eurovision website formerly known as has been launched with a Eurovision party in Rotterdam.
On 7 October was kicked off officially with an all Eurovision evening in cafe Keerweer in downtown Rotterdam.
The new website is here.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Chup Chup Chup

Chup Chup Chup by Karachi singer Shehla Gul is a coverversion of the 2009 Eurovision entry Düm Tek Tek by Hadise (Turkey). It's sung in the Sindhi language.
Thanks to Umut for the tip!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Wolter Kroes - Laat de zomer in je hart

Dutch schlager singer Wolter Kroes is showing off his new flip flops to the tune of Lass Die Sonne In Dein Herz, the German 1987 entry already featured here a few posts ago.
This new Dutch version is currently a top 10 hit in the Dutch top 100 and a cdsingle is out now and available at BeaRecords.

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Sven-Olof Walldoff 1929 - 2011

Sven-Olof Walldoff, Conductor, Producer, Eurovision Icon died this week at the age of 82.
His unforgettable appearance as the Napoleon dressed Maitre d'Orchestre at the 1974 Eurovision helped propell ABBA into the worlds minds forever.
Before ABBA he worked with Agnetha on her solo hits and albums and he has also worked with Frida (Anni-frid Lyngstad) and Björns band the Hootenanny singers.
Waterloo at Eurocovers: here and here

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Kathy Kirby (1938-2011)

Eurocovers bids a sad goodbye to Kathy Kirby, Eurovision singer and a True Pop Star.

Sunday, May 15, 2011


Eldar and Nigar a.k.a.  Ell and Nikki have won the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest with Running Scared written by Stefan Örn, Sandra Bjurman and Iain Farquharsondur.
Raphael Gualazzi finished 2nd for Italy with Madness Of Love and Sweden took 3rd place with Eric Saades Popular.

Check Out The Düsseldorf Collection for all the release news of the 2011 Eurovision entries.
Updated with all the points and places, the latest news in order of results.

Monday, May 09, 2011

Sjonni's Friends - What's Another Year

This years Icelandic Eurovision singers Sjonni's Friends have recorded a version of the 1980 winner What's Another Year (Johnny Logan for Ireland).
You can download the song here at the Sjonni's Friends website and watch the videoclip.

Their Eurovision song Coming Home was written by the late Sjonni Brink and his wife Þórunn Erna Clausen and will be performed in the Tuesday May 10 semi final.
Update: Til Hamingju Ísland!
Sjonni's Friends made it to the Eurovision final on March 14! After an exiting result-draw the last finalist announced was Iceland. Congratulations guys!

source: Coming Home - Sjonni's Friends website
More about Sjonni's Friends here at the Düsseldorf Collection.
More about Johnny Logans first winner at the Eurocovers post What's Another 30 Years: Here.

Ready Steady Girls
Yours truly is a guest editor at Ready Steady Girls, the website about all the gorgeous sixties girls singers.
With Eurovision round the corner I was invited to select my pick of the pops, six sixties girl tracks with a Eurovision connection. And write a bit about them too.

Please take a look here at Ready Steady Girls and vote for your favorite.

Düsseldorf 2011

For all release info, versions and chart adventures of the 2011 Eurovision stars, please check the Düsseldorf Collection.

Saturday, May 07, 2011

German Classics - Die Gruppe Wind - Astrid & Kingston

Wind, die Gruppe Wind, entered Eurovision three times.
Twice they ended up in second place but their third effort didn't really go anywhere.
Featured here is Alleen Bij Jou  (Only with you), a dutch coverversion of the first Wind song Für Alle (For Everyone) by Astrid.

The second entry by Wind was Lass Die Sonne In Dein Herz  (Let The Sun In Your Heart) in 1987. The summery reggae-lite feel of the song is a departure of the schlager ballad from 1985. Lass Die Sonne even became a minor hit in several countries, and a Eurovision hit was quite an achievement in the 80's.
Here's a Slovenian version by Kingston titled Pusti Soncu V Srce  (Let The Sun In The Heart).
The third Wind song was titled Träume Sind Für Alle Da (Dreams are there for everyone) in 1992 which ended 18th. I don't know of any coverversion of that song.

Ready Steady Girls
Yours truly is a guest editor at Ready Steady Girls, the website about all the gorgeous sixties girls singers.
With Eurovision round the corner I was invited to select my pick of the pops, six sixties girl tracks with a Eurovision connection. And write a bit about them too.

Please take a look here at Ready Steady Girls and vote for your favorite.

Düsseldorf 2011
For all release info, versions and chart adventures of the 2011 Eurovision stars, please check the Düsseldorf Collection.
Hungary - Kati Wolf,Gábor Deutsch remix, Story CD
Moldova - So Lucky, listen to 6 versions
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France - Sognu cdsingle out now.
U.K. - Blue release updates, UK Top 10 Hit ???
IcelandComing Home, Website launched
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Azerbaijan - Download Remix and Acoustic versions.
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Turkey: cdsingle in the shops, tracklist. - Belarus - Мая Беларусь, updates

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

German Classics - Theater - Karel Gott

Another German Classic, here’s a coverversion of the 1980 song Theater. Fabulous Katja Ebstein scored her third top three result for Germany with the song.

The version here is by popular Czech singer Karel Gott, a Eurovision star in his own right. He participated for Austria in 1968 with the Udo Jürgens penned Tausend Fenster (Thousand windows), a song which Gott recorded in German, Czech, French, English and Italian.

Karel Gott is no stranger in Eurocovers world, he recorded German coverversions of Wunder Gibt Es Immer Wieder (Germany 1970) and Ein Lied Kan Eine Brücke Sein (Germany 1975) plus Czech versions of Se Piangi, Se Ridi (Italy 1965) and Eres Tu (Spain 1973).

Žít Stokrát, the Czech version of Theater wasn’t released at the time of recording but it appeared later on a re-issue of Gotts 1980 LP Dnes (Supraphon).

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

German Classics - Die Zeiger Der Uhr - Reggy van der Burgt

I remember having this Reggy van der Burgt single in my collection for many years before I found out that the b-side is an actual Eurovision cover.
Teddybeer, the a-side, I remember from my childhood. A much told tale about a young girl whose hormones are raging and she's ready to trade her stuffed cuddly for a real man.

The b-side is De Tijd Staat Niet Stil  (Time doesn't stand still) which is a coverversion of the 1966 German entry Die Zeiger Der Uhr (The hands of the clock) by Margot Eskens. She ended 10th.

Reggy van der Burgt also covered the 1967 Eurovision winner Puppet On A String. Find out more about that one in this 2007 Year Of The Puppet post at Eurocovers.

Düsseldorf 2011
For the latest news on the releases, versions and charts of the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest, please check out The Düsseldorf Collection.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

German Classics: No No Never - Päris Anny

No No Never, the 2006 German entry by Texas Lightning finished rediculously low in the Athens contest.
The song is a fine slice of Perfect Pop Country which would have been a world wide #1 hit if it was by Katy Perry and about oral sex. The Texas Lighting boys and girl had to make do with a German charttopper. No No Never sold over 300.000 cdsingles in Germany and also was a top 10 hit in Austria and Switzerland.
Päris Anny from Estonia recorded a quite straightforward version of the song. Except it is in Estonian and titled See On Tema

Special thanks to Margo.