Friday, January 02, 2009

Yo Soy Aquel - Montecristo goes Russia.

In this Eurocovers post from April 2007 you can read about the Spanish 1966 Eurovision entry Yo Soy Aquel originally by Raphael and all its 21st century revivals.
One main reason the Manuel Alejandro song is so alive after 40 years is the use in the TV series Montecristo first made in Argentina.
Now after adaptations from Chile, Mexico and Portugal there's a Russian version of the telenovela and they stuck to the same song.
Yo Soy Aquel becomes Ti I Ja and is sung by Alexej Vorobyov. (Алексей Воробьёв - Ты и я)

Singer, actor, X-factor contestant Vorobyov participated in the Russian preselection of 2008 and ended 5th with New Russian Kalinka, a song which surely wouldn't have stood the tests of plagiarism rules. He ended 5th (New Russian Kalinka Youtube) and of course Dima Bilan won with Believe, the song that takes Eurovision to Moscow this year.

At Vorobyov's website there's a list of downloadable songs (click АУДИО) and the last one in the list is Yo Soy Aquel.

МонтекристоThe Russian series was cast in Russia and Belarus and received good ratings since the start last summer. The original Argentine series was broadcasted in 45 countries including many CIS states.
Remakes of the series in Spain, Greece, Italy and Turkey are currently in production or negociation, so maybe there will more Yo Soy Aquels to come

Special thanks to Nikolai!

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