Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Road To Moscow 2 - Eurovision 2009 + Available documents

Here's another 2009 preselection artist with a Eurocover in their repertoire.
Slovenia's preselection (EMA) has a song by Čuki. They're a party band that started in the early 90's and they have covered the Dieter Bohlen song Nur Ein Lied. Bohlen wrote the song for Thomas Forstner who reached a respectable 5th place with the German Schlager ballad.
Dieter Bohlen is of course half of 80's superstars Modern Talking.
Thomas Forstner tried again in 1991 with Venedig Im Regen, but he failed to score a single point.

In Čuki's hands Nur Ein Lied became Ta cvet  and it was released on their 1991 album Rdeča mašna.
In EMA 2009 they'll perform Mal Naprej Pa Mal Nazaj, a very bouncy Rock Me Baby style antiquity surely inspired by Mambo # 5 as well. -----(picture: Čuki anno 1990)

Also check The Road To Moscow 1 with Hera Björk, Nucha and Tapani Kansa

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