Monday, December 21, 2020

Art for Christmas: Senhit's Amar Pelos Dois

The strangest Christmas I've ever experienced (I mean: No shopping!) needs its own soundtrack. Eurovision singer Senhit (2011, 2020 and 2021) has been giving us some amazing videos monthly covering Eurovision classics. 
The December instalment is this one, Amar Pelos Dois, the 2017 winner for Portugal by Salvador Sobral. Classical singer Jordi Galàn sings along too.

(spoilers) It doesn't get better than the moment Mary hands over the black Baby Jesus for adoption to a same sex couple in their tighty whities. Madonna would be proud (if it was still 1989).
I hope Senhit will release the covers as an album (A CD/DVD set would be nice), but for now they're only on Youtube.
Big Kudo's to the director Luca Tommassini, who surpassed himself again on this amazing video.

Here's the playlist with all the coverversions Senhit made in her #FreakyTripToRotterdam project.
Amar Pelos Dois, Rise Like A Phoenix, Congratulations, Ding A Dong, Everyway That I Can and Cheesecake.
And in May she did a heartwarming version of Insieme 1992 (Toto Cutugno's winner of 1990)

Her 2020 entry Freaky! is still available through all your favorite digital stores and on the Official 2020 CD
I really hope she get's a stunning song for the 2021 contest (and don't let Azerbaijan snap it up!).

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Senhit's 2011 page is here at the Düsseldorf Collection
Senhit's 2020 page is here at the Rotterdam Collection
The Rotterdam 2.1 Collection is expected in January

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Af álfum - Frostrósir, Christmas is coming

Today I am in the mood for getting this post up to the top. (links may not all work)

Not a Eurocover and way early of course, but how many famous Icelandic Eurovision people do you recognise in this clip? (see below) What a wonderful christmas song. (and I don't do christmas songs very much thank you)
RÚV (Icelandic TV people) should consider sending this to Eurovision. I mean, it's wonderful, it's already finished, no hassle and costs of a multi-round preselection and even if some get the flu, there's enough singers here to do it. It would be the first Christmas song at Eurovision which would be in itself Eurovision History-Book-On-The-Shelf worthy. Consider it....

The Fróstrosir project celebrates 10 years of Christmas music this year.
Here's the Fróstrosir homepage where you can find out if you spotted all the stars. (under Flytjendur)

In the past Fróstrosir have Christmafied two Swedish Eurovision entries.
The 1996 entry Den Vilda (One More Time, 3rd place) became Dansaðu Vindur and was released on the CD Fróstrósir (2002) and compilation Fróstrósir - Best lögin' (2006).
1995's Se på mig (Jan Johansen, 3rd place) became Stjärnan Min and was released on the CD Heyr Himna Smiður (2008)
Update: Fróstrósir and Eurobandið singer Friðrik Ómar also gave a Swedish Eurovision track the Christmas Once Over: Tommy Körbergs majestic Stad I Ljus (Sweden 1988 by Tommy Körberg) became Vetrarnótt for the 2010 holiday season.
Another Update: Af Álfum, Vetrarnótt, Stjärnan Min and Dansaðu Vindur can all be found on the new album / 2CD Fróstrosir Fagna. (thanks Dominique!)

More Fróstrosir in this Eurocovers post.

Fróstrosir 2011 features the following Eurovisiony people:
Eiríkur Hauksson - Three time Eurovision star (1986 with trio Icy, 1991 with quartet Just4Fun for Norway and his own fantastic Valentine Lost in 2007.
Hera Björk - Je Ne Sais Quoi was her Eurovision eruption in 2010, and she also had the fabulous entry Someday ending 2nd in the Danish 2009 final. She also recorded an Icelandic coverversion of Christine Guldbrandsens Alvedansen (Norway 2006)
Friðrik Ómar - Member of Eurocovers fabulous favorites Eurobandið, well know for This Is My Life (2008) also had some great solo tunes in the Icelandic preselections (Það Sem Verður 2006 and Eldur 2007)
Regína Ósk - Member of Eurocovers favorites Eurobandið, also had a great solo tune in the Icelandic preselection (Þér Við Hlið in 2007)
Guðrún Árný - Pre-selection singer in 2003 with Með Þér.
Eivør Pállsottir - Faroese singer participated in the Icelandic selection with I Nótt in 2003. She's the main singer on Dansaðu Vindur.
Heiða Ólafs - In 2009 pre-selection with Dagur Nýr.
Matti Matt - My favorite Sjonni Boy. Coming Home 2011. In 2010 he had a solo song in the selection: Out Of Sight.
Stefán Hilmarsson - Two time Eurovision singer Stefan out of Beathoven (1988) and Stefan and Eyfi.
Also appeared as backing singer and musician on various Icelandic entries.
Ína Valgerður - Eurocovers star recorded the Italian 1964 winner Non Ho L'eta in Icelandic. Entered the Icelandic selection in 2008 with Lullaby To Peace.
Jógvan Hansen - Preselection 2010 (One More Day) and 2011 (Ég Lofa)
Ragnar Bjarnason - Legendary Icelandic singer, recorded Eurocovers of Volare and Non Ho L'eta(Italy's 1958 and 1964 entries)
Sissel Kyrkjebø - Internationally acclaimed classical singer from Norway, was in the 1986 contest interval performance.
Ragga Gröndal - Two times national semi finalist (2003 with Ferrari and 2008: Wake Me Up), member of the Fancy Toys and a bestselling singer in Iceland.
Guðrún Gunnars - Judge on the Paul Oscars Eurovision previewTV show Alla Leið
The other singers without any Eurovision relation that I know of are: Ágúst Ólafsson, Björg Þórhallsdóttir, Erna Hrönn, Garðar Thór Cortes, Gissur Páll, Guðrún Gunnars, Hulda Björk Garðarsdóttir, Jóhann Friðgeir, Kolbeinn Ketilsson, Margrét Eir, Óskar Pétursson, Vala Guðna and Védís Hervör. Producers / arrangers Karl Olgeir Olgeirsson and Árni Harðarson  also appear in the video.  

Sunday, December 13, 2020

What's Another Year: R.I.P. Charley Pride (1934-2020)

Only a week ago I watched a Country music documentary which included a story about the remarkable history of Charley Pride. It prompted me to dig up his wonderful version of What’s Another Year
And now I read that the man is not getting another year thanks to that damned you know what.
So sad and poignant. Have a listen below. 

Pride’s What’s Another Year was released on his 1991 CD Classics With Pride. (Not to be confused with the 1996 album with the same title).

Charley Pride recorded over 40 albums and scored over 70 hits in the US Country singles charts, of which 30 went to #1.
Find out more about Charley Pride's groundbreaking achievements at his website and facebook.
What’s Another Year is Johnny Logan's 1980 Eurovision winner for Ireland.

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Eternamente Blu, Volare in the 20's

In the past 15 odd years Eurocovers has been writing a lot about coverversions of Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu (Volare), the 1958 Sanremo winner and Eurovision entry by Domenico Modugno. It's an obsession.
If you use this link you'll see most of the earlier posts.

Here's just a quick runthrough of new coverversions just released, showing that Mr. Volare is still alive and kicking. With listening links for your convenience.

In February Italian heartthrob and superstar Tiziano Ferro was a guest performer at the Sanremo Festival performing Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu.
Now he has released his quite wonderful new album Accetto Miracoli: L'Esperienza Degli Altri and in includes a similar version of the Domenico Modugno classic. (out on 2CD, LP and digital) 
Youtube Audio. Sanremo performance via RaiPlay
It took Brazil’s former Minister of Culture (and music legend) Gilberto Gil over 60 albums to give us a version of Volare, recorded with his granddaughter Flor. They first performed the song back in April as a message of support and strength to the Italian people hit by the pandemic. Now they recorded a studio version for a digital EP De Avô Pra Neta (digital EP) Youtube Audio, Original performance
Another familiar name, Jane McDonald, Queen of British Cruiseships,  also released a version of Volare (in English) on her new album Cruising with Jane McDonald, Vol. 2. (CD and digital) Youtube Audio
Russell Watson just scored a U.K. top 10 album with his album 20 (CD and digital). 
This includes a new recording of Volare. He previously recorded it with André Rieu (2003, CD Zauber des Musik 3) the Royal Philharmonic (2008, CD The Platinum Collection), and with Aled Jones (2018, CD In Harmony). Youtube Audio

Some other 2020 Volares are by:
Franco Corso (CD Vincerò, to be released Dec 1) Website listening
- Corso also recorded it in 2005 but this is a new recording
Imai Shunshuke (今井俊輔CD I Am I 2020 Volare) Youtube audio
Claudio Capeo (CD Penso A Te) (streaming/shopping link)

Sunday, November 01, 2020

Diamonds Are Forever

This week legendary Welsh songstress Shirley Bassey releases her final album I Owe It All To You. A modestly titled album (and song) thanking her fans for their loyalty over the years. The album has new songs, a few coverversions and some old personal favorites of Shirley reimagined.

In the back of my mind I always knew Goldfinger, Big Spender and Diamonds Are Forever but the first Shirley Bassey record that made a real impact on me was the 1978 disco version of This Is My Life (La Vita). She originally performed that song, also performed by Elio Gandolfi, in the 1968 SanRemo contest but it didn’t make it to the final. Below is the wonderful 1968 SanRemo performance.

To be fair, I wasn’t a massive fanboy at the time, but I learned to love her later. In the 80’s and 90's (second hand bought) singles started piling up to the point she got her own section in my record collection. (An honour not bestowed on many)
I was overjoyed when I found the Italian single with Diamonds Are Forever sung in Italian (Vivo Di Diamanti).
I was stunned by her cooperation with Yello (The Rhythm Divine) and adored her Propellerheads hit History Repeating*. And, no surprise, I also love The Performance from 2010 with new songs by cool people like Rufus Wainwright, The Manics, Gary Barlow and the Pet Shop Boys.

There’s no Eurovision tune on the new album, so here’s the videoclip of the only Eurovision song she covered, Dio Come Ti Amo (Italy 1966, Domenico Modugno).

Dio Come Ti-Amo (Oh God How Much I Love You)
was first released in 1991 on the album Keep The Music Playing. On the original LP release Modugno is credited as D. Medunidoleo.
She also recorded another Modugno song Chi Si Vuol Bene Come Noi..., a 1968 single for Bassey sung in Italian.
Shirley Bassey recorded several songs from the Great Italian Songbook so there may be some more SanRemo covers in there, I don’t know (do you?).
Update: Jezahel from her 1972 LP And I Love You So was a SanRemo entry for Delirium (as Jesahel), finishing 6th).

Another Eurovision legend, Udo Jürgens, also supplied Bassey with (at least) two songs.
Reach For The Stars from 1961 (originally Woher Ich Auch Komm’) with English lyrics by Norman Newell**.
If I Never Sing Another Song (or. Illusionen by Alexandra, 1967 and Udo Jürgens himself, 1974) was recorded by Shirley Bassey in 1976. You can find a nice article (and lovely pics) about Udo meeting Shirley here at the Shirley Bassey Blog.

* Jamala, Eurovision 1944, also did that one, on her album For Every Heart. (video)
** Trivia alert: Norman Newell wrote the English part of the lyrics to the 1963 Swiss entry Vielleicht Geschieht Ein Wunder by Carmela Corren which was performed in German and English at the contest (and on record).
Shirley Bassey website
Shirley Bassey facebook
The Shirley Bassey Blog
I Owe It All To You is released on November 6 on CD, deluxe CD (with book but no extra tracks) and digital. (Shopping)
More Eurocovers posts about Dio Come Ti Amo include Elvis & Vega, Verdelle Smith, Perla, Sonny J., and the 10000 coverversions project #9.

007 approves, R.I.P. Sean Connery


Sunday, October 11, 2020

Justice for a classic: Door De Wind

A surprise hit for a personal Eurovision favorite.
Every now and then the popular TV show Beste Zangers Van Nederland (Best singers of The Netherlands*) comes up with a song that somehow strikes a chord and becomes a hit.
Door De Wind (Through the wind), the Belgian entry originally performed at Eurovision by Ingeborg always was a beautiful song even though it only came 19th out of 22 entries in 1989.
Dutch singer Miss Montreal did her heartfelt version in the show dedicated to the original composer (and backing singer) of Door De Wind Stef Bos and people ate it up and bought it into the charts. Finally some justice for a classic.

* The format is known in many other countries. It’s a show where singers sing each others songs and everyone goes all tearful and gooey over it (which makes it pretty much unwatchable for me).

Ingeborg's original 
Ingeborg (Sergeant) recorded three versions of the song, the original, an acoustic version and an English version (Breakaway). Plus there's an instrumental you can sing along to. They were released over two single releases (7" inch vinyls). 
Ingeborg's singles were released in the Netherlands but obviously also available in Belgium.
- Door De Wind / Door De Wind (Acoustic)  (HKM 145 491-7)
- Breakaway / Door De Wind (Instrumental)  (HKM 145 509-7)
The English version single comes in two different sleeves.
The English lyrics were written by Simon Shrimpton-Smith who in the 70’s recorded under the name Simon Le Bon. (not him of Duran Duran)
The original version was also released on Ingeborg's 1990 album Voor Eén Seconde (HKM LP & CD) and her 2004 compilation CD Diamond Collection (HKM).
The hit version by Miss Montreal is released through your usual digital sources. You’ll be pleased to know that the single version does not have the emotional affectations the video has.

There have been a few coverversions of the song, some very recent. I quite like the country tinged version by Tamara and Tom. 

Stef Bos - Live version by the composer
--- CD Stad en Land: Live 92/98 (1998, HKM)
--- digital single (2018, Puur Feest Muziek)
Gert Bekker (South Africa)
--- CD Dis Die Girl (2005, Rhythm Records)
Peter van Bugnum
--- CD Heimwee (1996, Bemmel productions)
Miss Montreal
--- digital release (2020, Cornelis Music)
De Strangers - Door De Regen (Comedy in Antwerps, Flemish dialect)
--- LP/CD De Ziel Uit Ons Lijf (1989, Dureco)
--- Also includes Vivan Bomma, a coverversion of Rock Me Baby, the Eurovision winner of 1989.
Tamara en Tom (Davys)
--- digital single (2017 HKM)
Do you know of any other (officially released) versions?

Below is a Spotify playlist with all version they have. Does not include the Gert Bekker (it's on Youtube) and Peter van Bugnum versions.

Saturday, September 19, 2020

Hoe Lang (Kuula) - Henny Thijssen

2020: Congratulations to Henny Thijssen for winning The Voice Senior.

To celebrate, I have moved this slightly updated 2013 post about his Eurovision cover Hoe Lang (Kuula) up.  

A Dutch version of Ott Leplands Kuula is recorded by Henny Thijssen. The song is titled Hoe Lang (How long) and is out on TwentieRecords (digital)
The januari 2013 release is available from digital sources like iTunes, Spotify, Apple music. (updated)
Update 2020: Hoe Lang was released on CD in 2016. You can find it on the album Henny Thijssen Zingt (Twentierecords) as a bonus track. (at moment of writing still available hereherehere)

In March 2013 the song enters the Dutch top 100 at 86.
Update: After five weeks the track makes an unexpected jump to #20 in the Dutch charts. Total chart run: 86, 72, 59, 50, 53, 20, 85 

Henny 'de snik' Thijssen is a Dutch folk-schlager* singer-songwriter who wrote several songs and lyrics for some of the Dutch greats like André Hazes, Koos Alberts, Renée De Haan and Eurovision host Jan Smit.
He's been a prolific solo singer since the late 90's but Hoe Lang is his first solo hit to reach the top 40. (and his biggest hit to date).

For the latest Eurovision related release news follow our Facebook.

Ott Leplands Kuula reached 6th place in the Baku Eurovision Song Contest for Estonia. He performed the song in Estonian but has also recorded English, Spanish and Russian versions.
All details about that one here at the Baku Collection.

*Dutch folk-schlager: Not sure how to translate the word volksmuziek, so it's folk-schlager and I hope you get the gist.

2013: PeR from Latvia from behind.
Eurovision 2013
The Malmö Collection features the latest news on the CD releases, versions and artists of the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest held in Sweden and soon on a TV set near you.

Here's the quick links to each country's 2013 page.
Albania, Austria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Malta, Moldova, Montenegro, the Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Russia, San Marino, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine and United Kingdom

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Forever The Forces' Sweetheart, Goodbye Vera Lynn

Vera Lynn has passed away. She is one of those people who you think will stay around forever but at 103 the curtain falls. Rest In Peace and sing with the angels.

Our Vera clearing up the mess after the blitz.

Vera Lynn was born in the First World War and started to record in 1935. Signature song We'll Meet Again was first recorded in 1939. It became a song of hope in the dark days of the war and later a song of remembrance. And again in 2020 her song played its part in the celebration of 75 years of freedom in the grim time of a worldwide pandemic. 
The song gave its title to the popular 1942 film starring Vera Lynn herself.

Vera Lynn sang for the British and Allied forces all over the world on many occasions during the Second World War. She had her own radio show in which she sang songs requested by British soldiers serving abroad and messages from their families were broadcast.
Other popular Vera Lynn hits of the (pre charts) war years were The White Cliffs Of DoverYours and You're In My Arms. In the 50's she scored hits with Forget Me NotAuf WiedersehnHoming Waltz and My Son My Son (a U.K. #1). Her last U.K. hit from the era was Travelling Home in 1957.
Vera Lynns career started long before Eurovision and unlike Anne Shelton she didn't participate in any of the early British preselections for Eurovision. But she was on the selection committee of the 1959 U.K. selection. 
She recorded an English version of the 1964 Eurovision winner Non Ho L'eta as This Is My Prayer.
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Monday, May 18, 2020

2020: Storms Don't Last Forever

Update: Check out SuRie's new EP Rye at your favorite digital stores.
It includes a lovely coverversion of Silent Storm (Norway's 2014 entry by Carl Espen) similar to the one performed at SuRie's Lockdown Eurovision Party 2.0. plus four new songs.
Rye Tracks:
1. Silent Storm
2. I Think
3. Lines
4. Easy
5. Rye

Rye EP artwork
SuRie, Eurovision star, put on her loudest glitter dress and gave us a wonderful performance of a stunning selection of Eurovision tunes. A real Eurocovers smorgasbord.
Her Lockdown Eurovision party 2.0 (1.0 was marred by sound gremlins) made me even appreciate songs I didn’t know I liked (Think About Things or Move for example).
It’s a 1 hour acoustic show, now available on Youtube to watch (or just listen while you’re doing those isolation DIY jobs you never knew had to be done).
Thanks SuRie, and to all: stay safe!

SuRie's Facebook has the tracklist here.
SuRie has a website too.
Here's SuRie's page at the Lisbon Collection with all you need to know about her Storm.
For the latest Eurovision related release news follow our Facebook.

SuRie's [ˈdʌz(ə)n] CD 
You can also check out SuRie's 2019 album [ˈdʌz(ə)n] which has coverversions of a slightly different kind. (Prince, Tori Amos, U2, Stevie Wonder to name a few)
The 12-track album is available through all your favorite digitessen but only the CD version has an exclusive recording of her Eurovision entry Storm (as track 13). Yay! for CD's!

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Sissel - Walk Away

Digital single artwork
Sissel, Sissel Kyrkjebø that is, has released a new digital track in her Reflections project.
Reflections V (5) already. Reflections is a project where the singer will release a song every week for 50 weeks to celebrate her big birthday.
And it's beautiful.

Of course Sissel is a well known classical and crossover singer from Norway (Here’s a nice bio) and you may have spotted her in the interval of the 1986 Eurovision Song Contest.
Or singing the Olympic tune in Lillehammer in 1994.

Walk Away is the English version of the first Eurovision entry for Udo Jürgens (Warum nur warum, Austria 1964, 6th place).
Pre- Merci Cherie, Jürgens’ song was made popular by Matt Monro who scored a worldwide hit with it.
Matt Monro’s own 1964 entry I Love The Little Things did better at Eurovision (2nd)
but didn’t make the charts.

Warum Nur Warum/Walk Away has since been recorded by many other artists like Brenda Lee (who even recorded it in Japanese), Byron Lee and Mighty Sparrow, Virginia
Lee (that’s 3 Lee’s there), Jane Morgan, Julie Rogers, Nancy Wilson, Timi Yuro
and Eurovision stars Alice and Helen Kessler, Michael Ball and Lasse Mårtenson.

Thanks for the tip Mikael!
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Friday, March 27, 2020

Liesbeth List, Adieu

Dutch singer and national treasure Liesbeth List has left us.
And as this is Eurocovers, the picture above is her 2nd ever single from 1964, a coverversion of Elle Etait Si Jolie by Alain Barriere, the French Eurovision entry from 1963.
I nicked the picture from Discogs.

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Rotterdam or anywhere....

Gjon's Tear
Eurovision set sail for Rotterdam 2020, but it wasn't meant to be.
Of course we're all disappointed but it's obvious we have more important matters on our hands now.

Thanks to all the artists and broadcasters who have put so much work in their entries and to the organisation of the Rotterdam event.

Please be safe, wherever you are. Take care of yourself and your loved ones and hopefully we'll meet in Rotterdam in 2021.

The Rotterdam Collection still has all the details on the 2020 songs and versions and will be updated if there's any news.

And I know in the light of the situation it's trivial, but the 2020 CD release will go ahead and is expected to drop on May 8. (More info here)

Sunday, March 08, 2020

Rotterdam Weeks: Someday, Morgen, Y Fori

Above is a lovely coverversion of the Dutch 1968 entry Morgen (Tomorrow), originally by Ronnie Tober.
The coverversion is by The New Faces, a Scottish trio who released a whole range of singles but never made it to the charts.
The band would have been perfect Eurovision material, if you listen to their songs (there's some on Youtube) they're a good mix of 60's beat and cheesy stuff in Puppet On A String style.
Above was uploaded by Mr Charlie Chalk, recommended Youtuber preserving many almost forgotten songs.

Dehongliad Cymraeg Y Fori
Welsh Eurovision singer Mary Hopkin recorded the song as Y Fori (Tomorrow).
It first appeared on a 1968 EP Mary Ac Edward, Mary being Mary Hopkin and Edward Edward Morris Jones.
On the EP only the Welsh lyricist was credited  (Geiriau Ann Clee)
When it was released on a compilation LP in 1979, The Welsh World Of Mary Hopkin, the composers credited were Friml / Hooker instead of the original Joop Stokkermans, Theo Stengers (and Clee)
And on a later compilation which was probably not very official, Y Fori was categorized as Trad. (Traditional) oh well.
The recording is a bit odd too, it appears to be fading much too early, at 2 minutes, while Mary is still happily singing along. Edward is not on Y Fori.
Other covers on the EP are Welsh versions of Something Stupid and Guantanamera.
The Mary ac Edward EP
Mary Hopkins' biggest hits were Those Were The Days in 1968 and Goodbye in 1969. She also recorded Spanish, German, Italian and French versions of Those Were The Days. (For you language fans)
In 1969 she performed at the Sanremo contest in Italy. All songs were performed twice of which one rendition was by an international singer. Sergio Endrigo's Lontano Dagli Occhi was performed by our Mary. The song finished 2nd.
Mary Hopkin entered Eurovision for the U.K. in 1970, she ended 2nd with Knock, Knock Who's There? and scored another international millionseller.

Ronnie's first English version single
Ronnie Tober
Ronnie Tober himself recorded several versions of Morgen and indeed Someday (see below)
A re-recording of the English version (recorded in London) was probably aimed at the U.K. market with a more "British" beat sound than the original.
Morgen ended 16th at the contest (out of 17) with only 1 point (thank you Italy).
He scored 9 top 40 hits in the Netherlands but Morgen wasn't one of them.
His 1965 preselection effort Geweldig (Grrreat) did better (it got to #23) and is probably better remembered than Morgen.
See below for all Ronnie's releases and coverversions of Morgen and the Eurovision tunes Ronnie covered himself.

At the end of this page you'll find the Spotify playlist with songs from this post available.

Morgen - Ronnie Tober releases
Netherlands 7" Morgen / Die ouwe pianola (Philips JF 333 966)
Netherlands 7" Someday (1st) / I feel like crying (Philips JF 333 978)
Netherlands 7" Wiederseh'n / Someday (2nd version) (Philips JF 318 967)
U.K. 7" Wiederseh'n / Someday (2nd) (Decca F22769), promo exists
Norway 7" Wiederseh'n / Someday (2nd) (Philips JF 318 967)
Netherlands LP: 15 Jaar Ronnie Tober (Telstar TF 8198 TL) has Morgen (new recording 1978)
Netherlands LP/CD: Zilver (Qualitel 2571/72) has Morgen (new recording 1988)
Netherlands CD: Holland Amerika Story (VA, Qualitel 252) has Morgen (in Medley, 1988)*
* medley also includes Ronnie singing Netherlands 57, 80 and 60 plus his 1965 pre-song Geweldig.

National Song Contest
Ahead of the Dutch National Final (Nationaal Songfestival) an untelevised pre-contest was held in which all four finalists sang three songs. Even though information about this is incomplete the other songs by Ronnie Tober are known to be Die Ouwe Pianola (That old pianola) and Als Ik Speel (When I play). The Pianola song ended up on the original single  Morgen b-side.
All three songs were released on Ronnie's 1968 LP Ronnie's Songparade (Fontana 826 405 QY)

The original Dutch version single
Morgen / Someday - coverversions
Blue Diamonds - Someday
- Netherlands 7"  b-side to Angelina (Netherlands CNR UK 10 002
- Germany 7" b -side to Angelina (Germany Ariola 14101 AT)
- France 7" a-side (France Ducretet Thomson FD 103)  (Thanks Michel-Pierre!)
- South Africa 7"  a-side (South Africa STER CNR 9509)
The New Faces - Someday
- U.K. 7"  (Decca F 12862), promo exists
- Germany 7"  (Decca DL 25 358) in p.s., promo exists
- South Africa 7"  (Decca FM 7429) in p.s.
Mary Hopkin - Y Fori a.k.a. Yfory
- U.K.  EP Mary Ac Edward (Cambrian SEP 420)
Draaiorgel De Arabier (Street organ instrumental)
- Netherlands EP,  in medley  (Philips JF 334510)

Ronnie Tober Eurocovers
(All sung in Dutch, all Netherlands releases)
1966 Merci Cherie / Een Hart Is Geen Hart (A heart is no heart)
- The Austrian winner by Udo Jürgens and the U.K. entry A Man Without Love (Kenneth McKellar)
- 7" (Philips 333 511 JF) comes in two sleeve variations
1969 Leve Het Leven (Long live life)
- Spanish 1969 winner Vivo Cantando by Salomé
- on LP Ronnie Tober Successen (Philips 873017 UBY)
1972 Als Het Om De Liefde Gaat (If it's about love) - with Robert Goliembiewski
- Dutch 1972 entry by Sandra and Andres
-  Tack 2 on cdsingle  Naar De Kermis (1995, GayKrant PTS 3636 1395)
1993 Mijn Amerika (My America)
- Coverversion of Mama Corsica, the 1993 French entry by Patrick Fiori
- cdsingle (Koch 346 078)

If you know of any other release or coverversion of Morgen, please let me know.

Ronnie Tober Website and Facebook

Monday, February 17, 2020

Goodbye Pearl Carr (1923 - 2020)

British Eurovision pioneer Pearl Carr has passed away at the age of 98.
With her husband Teddy Johnson she represented the United Kingdom in 1959 with Sing Little Birdie and ended second behind the Dutch Teddy.
Sing Little Birdie became an evergreen even though it only made it to #12 in the U.K. charts. It got to #8 in the Dutch charts and was a popular song in Scandinavian countries.

The oldest tracable record featuring Pearl Carr I could find is Blue For A Boy with Dick James (1951).
Update: No it isn't, Lou Preager's Hang On The Bell Nelly from 1949 features Pearl Carr and Rusty Hurren on vocals.

Later Pearl Carr was a vocalist fore Dave King and the Keynotes. She was a frequent singer and comedian on various radio shows until she met her husband Teddy Johnson.
From then on they continued as a duo, performing on many British TV shows.
A rare record in picture sleeve was the EP Meet Teddy and Pearl which includes the 1957 single Tomorrow Tomorrow.
About a dozen singles followed up to 1965.
They only managed to score one more U.K. top 40 hit: How Wonderful To Know (#23 in 1961)
Teddy Johnson passed away in 2018 also at the age of 98.

Pearl Carr and Teddy Johnson participated twice in the U.K. selection for Eurovision, each time with two songs.

Eurovision Song Contest British Final 1959
- Sing Little Birdie (finalist and winner)
- That’s It, That’s Love (semi) unreleased

Eurovision Song Contest British Final 1960
- When The Tide Turns (finalist)
- Pickin' Petals (semi)
Both songs on U.K. 7” HMV 45-POP 697
It was Teddy's brother Bryan Johnson who took the trophy and ended up 2nd in the Eurovision Song Contest with Looking High, High, High.

Sing Little Birdie releases
U.K. 7”   (Columbia 45-DB 4275), promos exist
U.K. 78 rpm   (Columbia DB 4275)
Netherlands 7”     (Columbia 45-DB 4275)
Germany 7”    (Columbia  C 21166)
Norway 7”    (Columbia 45 DD 697) Yellow vinyl
US 7”    (Capitol F 4211) possibly promo only

Sing Little Birdie proved to be a popular tune in Scandinavia, with 11 listed coverversions in Nordic languages. 
Some more Eurocovers post with The Birdie Song: Teddy Scholten, Oslo Weeks, Carla Boni, Festivalfavoriter, Marie Dieke / Ria Solar.

Below is a list of all the coverversions I know of. There's probably more, please let us know.
(It's a picture / scan of a word document, so it will be here forever, click it and it gets bigger and you can download it.)

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Rotterdam weeks: A Dream Come True for Cilla Black fans

Cilla Black, British institution, I guess she needs no introduction to most Eurocovers readers.
Below (at the end of this post) you can hear her lovely coverversion of the Dutch 1984 entry Ik Hou Van Jou as A Dream Come True. (It's Rotterdam weeks after all).
Cilla Black released her version of the Dutch classic in 1993 on her album Through The Years. (CD, LP and MC)
A Dream Come True also ended up as the b-side of the single Heart And Soul (recorded with Dusty Springfield). (7"inch and cdsingle)

You're Sensational!
The legendary singer, TVshow host and all round showbizz star passed away in 2015.
Now, for the first time, an unreleased song is released. On Valentines day!
You're Sensational was recorded in the early 70's and only recently uncovered. The track is remixed by Matt Pop.
There are two versions: An extended remix and a radio edit.
It's a digital single (ltd cdsingles are sold out now) but let's all buy it or stream it and get Cilla back to #1. (I'm talking to you Brits here, make it happen!, Update:  It didn't.).

You're Sensational at iTunes, Amazon
and a link to all digitessen

A nice bit of Eurovision trivia about Cilla Black, who of course would have been the dream representative for the U.K.. In fact (or: allegedly, to be safe) she was asked if she was interested to do Eurovision in 1968. Cilla didn't think it was a good idea to have another female singer after Sandie Shaw's victory and she declined.
She ended up hosting the Song For Europe contest that year with Cliff Richard in her BBC TV Show Cilla and Cliff ended up with Congratulations and a 2nd place in the London Eurovision.

I Can't Go On Living Without You
In 1969 it was Lulu's turn to do A Song For Europe. One of the six songs she performed was I Can't Go On Living Without You written by then little known songwriter duo Elton John and Bernie Taupin. Hard to believe now, but the song came last.
Cilla Black recorded the song for her LP  Sweet Inspiration (1970) and it was released as a single in Venezuela, New Zealand and as a b-side in Japan.

Links and sources
Cilla Black Website and FB
Matt Pop FB and more Matt Pop at Eurocovers
More Ik Hou Van Jou coverversions posts

Monday, February 10, 2020

La Strada Per Rotterdam: Diodato's Piove

Here's a lovely videoclip of Piove by Diodato, the 2020 Eurovision singer for Italy.

Piove a.k.a. Ciao Ciao Bambina was 2nd the Sanremo winner for Domenico Modugno and also his 2nd Eurovision entry. The song ended (only) 6th in the contest and was another worldwide hit after the Grammy winning 1958 entry Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu (Volare).

Diodato's Piove is taken from the 2014 album A Ritrovar Bellezza including coverversions of several Sanremo and other Italian classics.

Diodato will perform Fai Rumore in the Rotterdam contest. You can read all about that and full Sanremo 2020 release stuff and more Diodato info here at the Rotterdam Collection.

Find more: Piove at the 10.000 coverversions project and other related Eurocovers posts.

Sunday, February 02, 2020

Rotterdam weeks: Una Salsa Para Amsterdam

40 years ago the Eurovision Song Contest was held in The Hague, Netherlands. Not because the Dutch had won but because Israel ran out of steam after two victories.
The Dutch entry, Amsterdam by Maggie MacNeal did well and ended 5th.
On the "Is it a classic meter" it scores about 8 I guess, it's one of those tunes many people can still sing along to after 40 years.
It has been covered a few times and remarkably half of those are in Finnish.
Here's one I didn't know about yet even though it's almost 20 years old.

Gerardo Rosales a.k.a. Señor Tambo is from Venezuela but he moved to the Netherlands in 1993.
He has recorded over 20 albums and worked as a percussionist for many artists and orchestras. Live and in the studio.

This track is from the CD La Salsa Es Mi Vida which was recorded in New York and released on the Dutch Jazz label Javaanse Jongens Tracks in 2001. (and even on SACD, I know some of you like that)
Vocals are by Astrid "La Holandesa" (Astrid Pulles)
It's a Salsa style Amsterdam for the dancefloor and I love it and so will you.

Gerardo Rosales website

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Saturday, January 18, 2020

Rotterdam Weeks: Cristina Jorio - Come una volta

Italian coverversion of the first Dutch winner Net Als Toen by Corry Brokken (1957)
Originally released on a 78rpm (La Voce Del Padrone HN 3821)
Cristina Jorio only uses the refrain for her version, which is repeated as an instrumental part before she sings it again.

Find about more about the original song and singer Corry Brokken here at Eurocovers.
The updated 2016 post includes release info on Corry Brokken's own versions and a list of coverversions.

The Rotterdam 2.1. Collection is here