Monday, May 08, 2017

Vega: Oh My Dio, it's Elvis!

Dio Come Ti Amo, frequent Eurocovers readers know that it's one of my favorite Eurovision songs.
Here's a new version that has a really famous person featuring.

Vega is a Spanish singer who recorded 5 albums in Spanish since 2003. Her new album, Non Ho L'eta, is in Italian and features 11 classic Italian tunes including three Eurovision entries. (see detailed tracklist)

For her Dio Come Ti Amo she get's a little help from non other than Elvis Costello.
Dio is the third (digital) single from the album.
The album was released in March on LP (!), Cassette (!!), CD and digital through La Madriguera Records / Subterfuge Records.
Before you buy you can listen to all the songs at Vega's Youtube channel. (see links and sources below)

Oh, before i forget, it's fab!
(I'm not a very good reviewer, but after Dio you should check out the video for Ma Che Freddo Fa)

Non Ho L'Eta - Vega tracklist
1.   Ma Che Freddo Fa
- Sanremo 1969 - Nada and the Rokes
2.   Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu (Volare)
- Sanremo and Eurovision 1958 - Domenico Modugno
3.   Dio Come Ti Amo - ft Elvis Costello
- Sanremo and Eurovision 1966 - Domenico Modugno, Gigliola Cinquetti
the LP!
4.   Centro Di Gravitá Permanente
- Franco Battiato (1981)
5.   Cittá Vuota
- Mina (1963)
6.   L'Appuntamento
- 1970, originally by Roberto and Erasmo Carlos, Ornella Vanoni recorded an Italian version in 1970.
the Cassette!! / MC / K7
7.   Tu Vuó Fa L'Americano
- 1956 song by Renato Corasone and re-introduced to the dancing audience by Australian DJ’s Yolanda B. Cool as We No Speak Americano (2010)
8.   Non Ho L'Eta
- 1964 Sanremo and Eurovision winner by Gigliola Cinquetti
9.   Se Bruciasse La Cittá
- 1969 single for Massimo Ranieri
10. Azzurro
- An international hit for Adriano Celentano in 1968. Written by Paolo Conto who recorded it in 1985
11. Il Mondo
- 1965 hit for Jimmy Fontana

Links and sources
Vega Website, facebook, Youtube channel
Spanish people can buy it at Fnac, other will have to work harder, make Spanish friends or get it at e-bay. Digital is available worldwide.
Discover more Eurocovers posts with Volare (Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu), Dio Come Ti Amo and Non Ho L'eta 

the CD

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