Sunday, December 13, 2020

What's Another Year: R.I.P. Charley Pride (1934-2020)

Only a week ago I watched a Country music documentary which included a story about the remarkable history of Charley Pride. It prompted me to dig up his wonderful version of What’s Another Year
And now I read that the man is not getting another year thanks to that damned you know what.
So sad and poignant. Have a listen below. 

Pride’s What’s Another Year was released on his 1991 CD Classics With Pride. (Not to be confused with the 1996 album with the same title).

Charley Pride recorded over 40 albums and scored over 70 hits in the US Country singles charts, of which 30 went to #1.
Find out more about Charley Pride's groundbreaking achievements at his website and facebook.
What’s Another Year is Johnny Logan's 1980 Eurovision winner for Ireland.

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