Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Stranger in Paradise: Urban Turban & Shamim Naghedi

At Eurocovers we love something exotic. If you've perambulated through more than 10 years of Eurocovering you must have noticed some unusual coverversions from unexpected destinations.
Well, you can't get more exotic than this, from erm... Sweden.

Urban Turban and singer Shamim Naghedi released an album earlier this year titled Paradis. The Cd includes 12 Swedish classics* sung in Persian. It's not just Schlager with Persian lyrics, the music is filled with middle eastern mystique, hints of folk rock and all kinds of traditional instruments.

Now Urban Turban have been going for a few decades and it's mainman Peter Bryngelsson who remembers most of the tunes featured from his younger days. The Persian lyrics are by Shamim Naghedi and Safoura Safavi, both Iranian singers.

I'm not really an expert on the Swedish Classics outside Melodifestivalen, Abba and a bit of Cornelis, so I didn't recognise all the tracks on this album instantly.
But there are two Eurovision tunes that jump out. The closing track** is Det Börjar Verka Kärlek...Banne Mej, the 1968 Swedish entry by Claes Göran Hederström. (In Persian it's Engar Daräm Jedan Ashegh Mishäm)
The highlight is Ghäribe, Främling (Stranger), the 1983 Swedish entry by the High Priestess of Swedish Eurovision Carola.

The CD is out on Caprice records and of course also available through the digital platforms. Although not all may have the same tracklist (see below)
Here's the two Eurovision covers on Spotify, the full album is there too, just go check it out for yourself.

* I said Swedish classics, but there are a few that were already coverversion in their Swedish Classic disguise, more details below in the tracklist.

Tracklist Paradis
1. Sånt Ar Livet (Zendegi Iyne)
- A 1961 hit by Anita Lindblom, Originally You Can Have Her by Roy Hamilton.
2. Är Det Konstigt Att Man Längtar Bort Nån Gång (Vä äjibe deltang mishan adama)
- Lena Andersson hit from 1971, originally I'm Gonna Be A Country Girl Again by Buffy Sainte-Marie
3. Han Måste Gå (On bayäd bere)
- A 1960 hit for Gunnar Wiklund, originally He'll Have To Go by Jim Reeves
4. Gråt Inga Tårar (Gerye Näkon)
- A 1975 song by Pippis. (A Swedish original)
5. Flottarkärlek (Instrumental) (Eshghe doroghi)
- 1948 song which was a succes in 1952 for Gösta Nordgren
6. Du Ar Den Ende (Tou Tänha käsi hasti)
- The original is by Lill Lindfors, recorded in 1966
7. Jag Ger Dig Min Morgon (Subhe män male tou)
I Give You In The Morning by Tom Paxton, the Swedish version is by Fred Åkerström
8. Bygga Upp Ett Stort Berg (Besaz yek koohe buozuorg)
- 1974 song by Jan Malmsjö
9. Min Alskling Du Ar Som En Ros (Eshghe män tou mäsle goule sourkhi)
- 1943 song by Swedish legend Evert Taube
10. Främling (Ghäribe)
- Carola!!!
11. Jag Vill Ha En Egen Måne (Instrumental) (Män maahe khodamo mikhaam)
- 1972 song by Ted Gärdestad
12. Det Börjar Verka Kärlek... Banne Mig (Engar daräm jedan ashegh mishäm)
Above is the Spotify tracklist
**The original CD tracklist also includes Lyckliga Gatan (Il Ragazzo Della Via Gluck, a.k.a. Tar And Cement) but I'm not sure if it's on it, however, there is a Youtube.
I'm also not sure if Det Börjar... ended up on the CD, as there are conflicting tracklists.

Links and sources
Utter thanks go to Frederick who spotted this and alerted Eurocovers.
I haven't been able to find much in the form of websites or facebooks but there is a good article here at Musikverket.se  where I nicked some of the info.
Caprice records at Musikverket
I Wiki'd and such for the details on the songs, so you don't have to.
You'll find more Carola covers here at Eurocovers.
An article about Tar And Cement is here at Eurocovers