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The Smurfs and their latest releases.

I know I promised an in depth analisys of The Smurfs Eurovision recordings some time ago, but I just haven't been able to make a coherent article from the crazyness that is Smurfworld.
The Smurfs, created by Belgian cartoonist Peyo celebrated their 50th anniversary last year.
Over the years the comic figures have become a multi billion grossing trademark with comics, movies, collectables and after Father Abraham (Pierre Kartner) → taught them to sing The Smurf Song in many languages, they also started releasing singles, LPs and CDs.
(please see latest update below)

The Little Blue Guys With The White Pointy Hats have released several new Eurovision coverversions recently. Cunning multilinguists as they are, their latest Eurocovers are in Swedish, Danish, Norwegian and Finnish.

Here's a short run by of the Eurocovers included on the CDs listed below.
Latvia 2008 - Wolves Of The Sea by Pirates Of The Sea
- Swedish - Smurfpirater till havs!
- Norwegian - Smurfedugnad
- Danish - Smølfe Rengøringsdag
Finland 2006 - Hard Rock Hallelujah - Lordi
- Swedish - Smurf Rock, Det är cool ja!
- Norwegian - Smurferock I stua
- Danish - Smølferock I Stuen
Norway 2008 - Hold On Be Strong - Maria Haukaas Storeng
- Norwegian - Smurf på, du blå
Finland 2008 - Missä Miehet Ratsastaa - Teräsbetoni
- Finnish - Missä Välkky katsastaa
Denmark 2001 - Never Ever Let You Go - Rollo & King
- Danish - Jeg Har Et Billed Af Dig Fra I Fjo
- They also recorded the same entry as Supersød Og Dejlig Smølf on their CD 3,2,1, Smølfehits from 2001

The new albums:
Sweden - CD Smurfparty - Smurfarna
(Warner Sweden)Norway - CD Smurfeparty - Smurfene
(Warner Norway)Denmark - CD Smølfeparty - Smølferne
(Warner Denmark)
Finland - CD Tanssii Smurffien Kanssa - Smurffit
(EMI Finland)

The Swedish Smurfs also tackle preselection songs Cara Mia (Måns Zelmerlow) and Lay Your Love On Me (BWO).
Most Smurfs like Rihanna's Umbrella and Basshunters Boten Anna. The Finnish ones already did Boten Anna on their previous CD Smurffit Rakettihitit vol 15, which also includes Hiljentykää, a coverversion of the 2007 Finnish entry Leave Me Alone by Hanna Pakarinen.
I don't think the Finnish Smurffit have recorded Hard Rock Hallelujah but of course that was already done by other vermin like Pikku Orava (The Cellphone Chipmunk) and the Ratzz.

All Smurfs CDs mentioned are available through CDON except the latest Finnish one, but that's available through many other Finnish stores. The Swedish album is also available at BeaRecords. More Smurfs Eurocovers have been released in the past also including versions in Spanish, German and Dutch.

2011 - Fairytale
The Smurffit, who broke into huge international filmsuperstardom with their 2011 3D movie The Smurfs, also recorded the 2009 Eurovision winner.
Fairytale (by Alexander Rybak) in Finnish becomes Soittajasmurffi and the blue guys put it on their Finnish album Tanssihitit Vol. 17 (EMI). It was already released in 2009, but I missed it back then.

Update: For more on Smurfcover of 2011 entries check this post.

Are there any more I missed?, please let me know.

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