Monday, February 09, 2009

Hamidah Ahmad - Impian Membara

I had this song lying around for a while but I just recently I found some pictures (robbed from e-bay I confess). Impian Membara is the Luxembourg 1973 winner Tu Te Reconnaitras by Anne Marie David in an Indonesian version by Hamidah Ahmad. The song is from the EP Tolong Dayungkan (EMI S-EGEP 777).

Eurovision 2009 - The Moscow Collection
For those interested in the releases of the impending Eurovision Song Contest I have created a new blog: The Moscow Collection.
Here you can find all the latest release info and all details on versions, remixes, promos etcetera.
Official links, where to hear the new songs and where you can buy the latest CDs, it's all there.
The new blog replaces the yearly word documents (like the Belgrade Collection and so on). Go check it out now!.

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