Saturday, May 07, 2011

German Classics - Die Gruppe Wind - Astrid & Kingston

Wind, die Gruppe Wind, entered Eurovision three times.
Twice they ended up in second place but their third effort didn't really go anywhere.
Featured here is Alleen Bij Jou  (Only with you), a dutch coverversion of the first Wind song Für Alle (For Everyone) by Astrid.

The second entry by Wind was Lass Die Sonne In Dein Herz  (Let The Sun In Your Heart) in 1987. The summery reggae-lite feel of the song is a departure of the schlager ballad from 1985. Lass Die Sonne even became a minor hit in several countries, and a Eurovision hit was quite an achievement in the 80's.
Here's a Slovenian version by Kingston titled Pusti Soncu V Srce  (Let The Sun In The Heart).
The third Wind song was titled Träume Sind Für Alle Da (Dreams are there for everyone) in 1992 which ended 18th. I don't know of any coverversion of that song.

Ready Steady Girls
Yours truly is a guest editor at Ready Steady Girls, the website about all the gorgeous sixties girls singers.
With Eurovision round the corner I was invited to select my pick of the pops, six sixties girl tracks with a Eurovision connection. And write a bit about them too.

Please take a look here at Ready Steady Girls and vote for your favorite.

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