Wednesday, May 04, 2011

German Classics - Theater - Karel Gott

Another German Classic, here’s a coverversion of the 1980 song Theater. Fabulous Katja Ebstein scored her third top three result for Germany with the song.

The version here is by popular Czech singer Karel Gott, a Eurovision star in his own right. He participated for Austria in 1968 with the Udo Jürgens penned Tausend Fenster (Thousand windows), a song which Gott recorded in German, Czech, French, English and Italian.

Karel Gott is no stranger in Eurocovers world, he recorded German coverversions of Wunder Gibt Es Immer Wieder (Germany 1970) and Ein Lied Kan Eine Brücke Sein (Germany 1975) plus Czech versions of Se Piangi, Se Ridi (Italy 1965) and Eres Tu (Spain 1973).

Žít Stokrát, the Czech version of Theater wasn’t released at the time of recording but it appeared later on a re-issue of Gotts 1980 LP Dnes (Supraphon).

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