Tuesday, May 03, 2011

German Classics - Die Zeiger Der Uhr - Reggy van der Burgt

I remember having this Reggy van der Burgt single in my collection for many years before I found out that the b-side is an actual Eurovision cover.
Teddybeer, the a-side, I remember from my childhood. A much told tale about a young girl whose hormones are raging and she's ready to trade her stuffed cuddly for a real man.

The b-side is De Tijd Staat Niet Stil  (Time doesn't stand still) which is a coverversion of the 1966 German entry Die Zeiger Der Uhr (The hands of the clock) by Margot Eskens. She ended 10th.

Reggy van der Burgt also covered the 1967 Eurovision winner Puppet On A String. Find out more about that one in this 2007 Year Of The Puppet post at Eurocovers.

Düsseldorf 2011
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