Saturday, July 07, 2007

10.000: # 6 - Puppet On A String - Sandie Shaw (1967)

# 6 in the top 10 most covered Eurovision songs is Puppet On A String. Some of you may have noticed I have been running VII: The Year Of The Puppet series here at Eurocovers, featuring worldwide coverversions of the Bill Martin / Phil Coulter song made famous by Sandie Shaw. Introduction to the series in this Eurocovers post.

# 6
- Puppet On A String
- Sandie Shaw
- 252 versions listed

Check these Eurocovers posts for all the Puppets. France, Singapore (Mandarin-Chinese), Jamaica. Yugoslavia, Estonia, U.K. (Comedy), Iceland, Lithuania, USA (Musical), Spain, Brasil, UK punk, Norway (gloom) Norway, Turkey, Portugal, Basque country Organland, Tirol, Denmark, CzechoSlovakia (Czech), Hungary, Russia, Yugoslavia (Slovenia), Chile/Argentina/Mexico, Sweden, Netherlands, Hong Kong, Finland, Scotland, Poland, Czechoslowakia (Slovak), Trinidad*, More Jamaica & more Singapore
* = includes external link to track.

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