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Richard De Bois (1949 - 2008) - Ik Hou Van Jou

Another sad passing. Richard de Bois died two weeks ago in LA, where he lived since the early 90's.

Richard de Bois is most known for founding Dutch girl band The Dolly Dots who enjoyed huge succes in the late 70's and early 80's, and who can still pack a large arena for their reunion concerts today.
De Bois worked with Maggie MacNeal, Willeke Alberti, Lemming and girl trio Centerfold. He also produced several albums of the cast of the U.S. Soap series The Bold And The Beautiful including solo work by John McCook.
He had been fighting with cancer for over eight years.

Ik Hou Van Jou
The name Richard De Bois may not instantly ring a bell for non Dutch Eurocovers readers, but he is one of the writers of Ik Hou Van Jou, the Dutch Eurovision song from 1984 he wrote together with Peter van Asten.
The big orchestral ballad by Maribelle only ended 13th in the contest but received a standing ovation from the orchestra. Maribelle recorded the song in Dutch, English, French and German.

After 1975 winner Ding A Dong, Ik Hou Van Jou (I love you) is the most covered dutch Eurovision entry. Even though none rivals the monumental original (see this YouTube for a national final performance) it's a fair tribute to this now classic Dutch evergreen.

Ek Hou Van Jou
The youngest version recorded is by South African singer André Smit, who just released his version (in Afrikaans) on his new CD André Smit. Ik Hou Van Jou is the song with the most versions recorded in Afrikaans (as Ek Hou Van Jou) . Ik know of nine versions: they are by Toni Andrea, Karin Cox & Janine Stein, boyband Eden, Endia, Danie Jansen, Johnny & Vivian, Gé Korsten, Jannie Moolman (with Gé Korsten) and now André Smit.

The song is also the only Eurovision song I know that is covered in Papiamento, the language of the Netherlands Antilles. This version Bo Ta Mi Amor by Dhaddy Brokke and Tony Sherman was already featured in this Eurocovers post. (and it's still there). A version by child singer Demis is featured in the post The Kids Are Alright part 2.

Cilla and Engelbert
And then there's some well known singers who recorded the song. Engelbert Humperdinck released it on his CD A Little In Love (as In Love With You). Cilla Black recorded it as A Dream Come True on her CD Through The Years (1993) and earlier mentioned soap actor John McCook released In Love With You on his CD Bold And Beautiful Lovesongs.

Update 2012: Engelbert is going to Eurovision. Here's a new post with all his Eurovison connections.
Or check out Engelberts Baku Collection post for all about his entry Love Will Set You Free

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