Thursday, May 13, 2021

Rotterdam weeks 2.1: 바니걸즈 - 딩딩동, K-Pop avant la lettre

The last coverversion for the Rotterdam Weeks can't be anything other than a coverversion of Ding A Dong, the 1975 Dutch winner by Teach In.
Much ridiculed then and now, it still is one of the most recognisable Eurovision tunes ever.
Thát opening riff is up there with the best hits in popmusic. So now you know.

The coverversion (below) is from South-Korea. 
The singers are twin sisters The Bunny Girls 
(바니걸즈), Ko Jeong-suk and Ko Jae-suk. 
They were active and popular from 1970 to 1990. They recorded about close to 20 albums, most with original Korean compositions but in the mid 70's they recorded coverversions from worldwide hits.

Their 1975 LP 팝송 하이라이트 - 라무는 나의 친구 is an album with international songs and it includes both Waterloo (워터루) and Ding A Dong (딩딩동) sung in Korean. Plus songs like ABBA's Honey Honey, Gigliola Cinquetti's La Rosa Nero, Tony Orlando's Yellow Ribbon and the Carpenters' Top Of The World. The title track Lamu Is My Friend is a coverversion of a Bollywood song.

So far I have only found the two mid 70's Eurovision winners (as Eurocovers) but the duo have released many LP's plus many single tracks on Various Artists albums, so there may be more.
* = Google translate says "Pop Song Highlights - Lamu is my friend".
If you want to listen to the whole Bunny Girls album it's here at Youtube (playable track by track).

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