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Die Autobahn To Düsseldorf: Mino

Not a new article here in Die Eurocovers Autobahn, but a re-hash of a Eurocovers post from four years ago.
Lithuanian singer Mino is one of the many hopefulls giving it a try in what is always a highlight in the Preselection season, the Lithuanian National Finals.
Mino's song in the multi-night selection is Don't Go. The song was originally recorded in Lithuanian as Angelai.
Below is a reworking of the original Mino post.

Mino - Be meilės mirt galiu
Lithuania are relative newcomers to the Eurovision stage and I haven't been able to find any old coverversions of Eurovision songs made in Lithuania.

But they are catching up with several versions recorded in recents years.
(Check out the Christmas Presents post for one of them)

So it's good to find a new CD which features three covers at once.
The CD in case is by Mino (Mindaugas Mickevičius), who is another Lithuanian talent show star (”Kelias į žvaigždes”.)

The album was released last november and is titled Be Meilės Mirt galiu. I don't know what it means, but the title track is a cover version of Die For You, the Greek 2001 entry by Helena Paparizou before she got rid of the bloke.
The album opens with Gitaras, which is Volare (Nel blu dipinto di blu), made famous by Domenico Modugno and about a 1000 others. In fact it is more a Gipsy Kings coverversion and on the edge of slightly annoying.

Third and best Eurocover is Noriu Turet Tave (track 3) a duet with the ever fantastic Alanas Chošnau. It's Shame On You the Danish 2004 entry by the guy in that bad red suit Thomas Thordarsson.

Other songs on the album sometimes sound familiar too, but I haven't got a clue what they are although some sound Italian and others sound like 'Die for you' part 2, so they could be any Philippe Kirkorov cover.

Since then Mino has released three more albums Bravo from 2007 and Italiano from 2008 both feature Lithuanian versions of Italian songs. You can listen to several Mino songs here at Music.lt
In 2010 the album Dainos, Kurios Kvepia Braškėmis (Songs that smell like strawberries) was released. It features songs from previous albums in duet versions.

New Mino Website
Don't Go Youtube - Angelai Youtube
As usual http://www.eurodiena.lt./ has all the latest news on the Lithuanian selection and also sounds as soon as they're there.
P.S. Don't go is fab!

The Düsseldorf Collection has the latest on the 2011 songs.

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