Thursday, September 27, 2007

Benjamin Bates - This World Needs More People Like You

I have just been listening to the Benjamin Bates album Recyclomania at his website and ordered it straight away.
Sexier than Mylo, happier than Vitalic, poppier than Tiesto and certainly more productive than Pay-TV, Bates produces a collection of amazing dancy electro Pop gems.
Recyclomania includes the single On My Feet (This World Needs More People Like You) which is the theme tune for Dance4Life 2007.
Dance4Life is an international project involving young people in pushing back HIV and AIDS, and in fighting the stigmas and taboos that surround them.

As this is Eurocovers I have been listening very carefully for a Eurovision connection on the new Bates album, but there isn't any, so we'll have to make do with his brilliant 2003 single Thin Time, which is a fab dance track based on a sample from the 1986 Belgian Eurovision winner J'aime la vie by Sandra Kim. Technically not a coverversion but a must hear anyway.
The track was released on 12"inch and cdsingle (ID&T records) and has become a bit of a a hard to find collectable.

Benjamin Bates Internet Hideout and Benjamin Bates MySpace

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