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Eurovision 2008: Belgrade Weeks: Ljubim Te Pesmama

Ljubim Te Pesmama (I love you in my songs) by Belgrade born Extra Nena was the last Eurovision entry for Yugoslavia.
But when the song was selected in the national final Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Hercegovina and Macedonia* had already declared independence. So the national final was organized by Serbian TV only, even though some Bosnian artists and songwriters participated. (see the first Belgrade weeks post for some more info).
Ljubim Te Pesmama starts as a melancholy ballad but bursts into full blown Balkan Schlager in the refrain. Extra Nena recorded it in Serbian, English, French and Italian. The song finished 14th in the competition in Malmö, 1992.
* later officially known as Former Yugoslavian Republic Of Macedonia, I know….

Two artists covered Yugoslavia's swan song. (as far as I know)
A Finnish version Miksi Luokesi Jäänyt En was recorded by Paula Koivuniemi who released the song on a single (Fazer Finnlevy 100302) and on the LP/CD Rakkaudella Sinun (Fazer finnlevy 200311/312, 1992)

Earlier Paula Koivuniemi recorded Switzerlands 1980 entry Cinema in Finnish as Sunnuntainäytös (for a 1980 LP Eurovisio Special 80)

Eurovision star Siw Malmkvist recorded Ljubim Te Pesmama in German and in Swedish.
The German version Ein Hauch Von Florenz can be found as an extra track on cdsingle Geh Nicht In Den Rosengarten and on CD Musik Ist Wie Ein Freund. The title track of the album is a German version of the Croatian 1995 entry Nostalgija. (by Magazine & Lidija). (Both cdsingle and album on the Funny Artists label, 1999)
Swedish version Ge Mej En Doft Ifrån Rom was released on a very rare cdsingle by Siwan & Sivan (Siw Malmkvist & Siv Wennerberg) issued on the Debit & Kredit label (DK-001). This cds also includes a cover of Nostalgija (as: Musik Är Ingenting För Dej, in Swedish)
Siw Malmkvist represented Sweden in 1960 with Alla Andra Får Varann (10th place) and Germany in 1969 with Primaballerina (9th). You can read more about Siw Malmkvist and her Eurocovers in the Year Of The Puppet Post Siw Malmkvists Sprattelgummas

I've been trying to locate a Serbian version of Volare to tie in with the Domenico Modugno year, but I haven't found any sung in Serbian which is actually by an artist from Serbia. But here's an interesting one in Italian. Multi instrumentalist Slađan Jovanović recorded a mellow bossa-version of the song as a bonus track for his album Ginko.
And you can listen to / download all tracks from the album at his website at Volare is track 14.

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