Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Eurovision 2008: Belgrade Weeks - Đorđe Marjanović

Đorđe Marjanović is a Serbian pop singer, who was and is one of the most popular singers in Yugoslavia. Đorđe was also very popular in the USSR where he released many of his songs (On Melodia of course).
Big hits were Zvižduk U Osam, Romana and , Devojko Mala.
He recorded many international hits in Serbian ranging from Italian classics like Quando Quando Quando, Roberta and Lazarella, Rock'n'roll hits like Speedy Gonzales, Hello Josephine and If I Had A Hammer to to pop hits like Bang Bang, Sympathy and Emma (the Hot Chocolate song).
In 2004 he said goodbye to the stage with a farewell concert in Belgrado in the Sava Centar, now home to the Eurovision 2008 press center.

I know of two Eurocovers Đorđe Marjanović recorded in Serbian, both are Italian entries from the early 60's.
1962 - Adio, adio - Addio Addio by Claudio Villa (written by Domenico Modugno) - on EP Igrajmo Twist (= let's twist again) (RTB PGP EP50103)
1963 - Jedan za sve - Uno Per Tutte by Renato Rascel - original release details wanted
Both songs can also be found on a 3CD K'o nekad, collecting Đorđe Marjanović's work including many coverversions of international hits.

In the 60's Đorđe Marjanović participated in the Yugoslavian National Finals with at least 5 songs, representing TV Beograd (Serbian TV) except.
His best result was a 3rd place in 1968 so he never made it to the Eurovision stage.
Đorđe Marjanović National selection songs:1961 - Reč Il' Dve
1965 - Stari Kraj
1965 - Proletni Vetre
1966 - Najlepši Dan
1968 - Ne Verujem Ti Više
(Beograd is Belgrade, Serbia) is a good website about the singer. It's in Serbian but still worthwhile even if you don't read the lingo. Great pictures and some nice audio's.

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