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1991 Bailar Pegados, World Tour Of The Americas

Bailar Pegados, dancing close together, dirty dancing even….. The Spanish Eurovision entry of 1991 by stubbly heartthrob Sergio Dalma didn't leave a dry seat in the house. Even if you knew that 'the wink' was rehearsed over and over, you couldn't help but feeling at least some kind of shiver. (Original Youtube)
The song ended 4th, which is a very respectable place of course, and Sergio Dalma became a bit of a superstar. In fact he already scored a hit with Esa Chica Es Mia before his Eurovision appearance. Now Dalma is celebrating 20 years in the music business with a tour. Earlier this year he toured 10 countries in South America.
He recorded Bailar Pegados in Spanish, French and Italian and made a reggae version in 2004.
Sergio Dalma at BeaRecords

A good number of coverversions of Bailar Pegados was recorded, but it's remarkable that most of them were recorded in this millennium, up to 18 years after the original recording. And most are from South America, as they love Bailaring Pegados a lot.
I've been working on this quite some time, and new versions seem to pop every time I look.

There is close Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia, Durango dancing going on in Chile, Venezuela, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay, The Dominican Republic, Argentina and the US. Here's a few, pick your partner for the next dance.

K-Zike De La Sierra are from Mexico and they specialize in the energetic upbeat dance humpah of Durango. Bailar Pegados is from the album Mi Primera Vez from 2009.
The also recorded Non Ho L'eta (No Tiene edad) on their 2006 CD Kazique (Merci Marco!!)
They have a MySpace too, but there's not much there. But I'm really loving the hats: 12poing.

There's a Wiki about Duranguense music.

Coralillo's Bailar Pegados is probably one of the best versions around. Musically they thread the same Duranguense paths as several of the others, but it is very well executed and the singer Francisco Rivera has a great voice. Coralillo operate from Chicago (O city), USA, but musically they stick close to their Mexican roots.

Bailar Pegados is from their album Con Mas Veneno which is available at most large webshops (cd-baby, cduniverse etcetera) Coralillo Myspace. Great outfits boys.

Gerardo Farias (Argentina) starts the song as a ballad, but it seems to go even slower when the cumbia kicks in. A perfect soundtrack to a lazy summer. (CD Lluvia De Amor, 2006). No extra poing for the outfitthough.

An older version was recorded by Dayana Pereyra (from Venezuela), sister to popular 80's & 90's singer Diveana (Ana Pereyra). Dayana recorded a salsa version of Bailar Pegados for her 1992 album Completamente Tuya. Somehow she never made another album, even though her debut was a reasonable success.
The male vocals are by Erick Franceski.

Last South American version in line is by Paty López from Chile. It's a chilling acoustic version which sounds a bit like being recorded in a bathroom, adding to the experience. It's from the CD Ellas Cantan Con Paty López from 2007.

Back in Europe, Pedro Guiterrez is a Catalan Rocker and his must hear Pegados (Youtube) is a rough ole blokes rawk version. On his Youtube channel you can also check out his Catalan version of 1968 Eurovision winner La La La (Youtube)

Below is a massive list of Bailar Pegadoses that have been released officially. Where possible with the usual details and links.
The first time I noticed that Bailar is such a popular song today is when I was doing a MySpace song search, so many links are MySpace.
If you know more (I'm sure there are), or have any corrections please leave a comment, thanks.

- CD Eurovision por rumbas (1999) Spanish Eurovision covers.
Los Ausentes de Durango (Chicago, US) (Myspace has BP)
- CD Y Seguimos Siendo (2008)
Bachata Magic (Dominican republic)
- CD Sensualmente Bachata (1995)
Bagabun2 de Tierra Caliente (Chicago US) (Myspace has BP)
- CD Bagabundos de tierra caliente y lloraras (1997)
Banda Café
- CD Regresa a mi
Banda del Sol (Mexico) (Myspace has BP)
- CD Bailar Pegados (2006) (Disa / Universal)
Luciano Bello (= Comedian Felipe Camiroaga)
- CD Ricas e inteligente (1999)
Los Cartageneros (possibly Argentina)
- CD Verano Tropical (VA 1992)
Coralillo (Chicago, US) (Myspace has BP)
- CD Con mas veneno
Dayana ft Erick Franceski (Venezuela, Salsa)
- CD Completamenta tuya (1992) (Velvet/Rodven)
Gerardo Farias y la Sonora (Argentina)
- CD Lluvia de amor (2006)
Daniel San Fernando (Argentina)
- CD Sentimientos
Manolo Galván (Myspace has BP)
- CD Mundo Latino (RCA) & CD Los Super Exitos
Gilito y su Clave (Swedish/Cuban Salsa orchestra) (Myspace)
- CD Los Superexitos
El Gran Lider (Mexico) (Myspace)
- CD Provocando...
Padrino Gutierrez - Rock version (Youtube)
- CD El ultimo cartoucho (2007)Kampesino Musical
(Mexico) (website)
- CD Bailando Sobre Las Nubes (2006)
K-Zike de la Sierra (MySpace)
- CD Mi Primera Vez
Paty López (Chile)
- CD Cantan con ellas (2007)
Marcelo 'Teto' Medina (Argentina)
- CD Mi forma de ser (1991)
Eduardo Medina (Chile) (Myspace has BP)
- CD Azul latino
Milton (Morales, Cuban born Italian)
- CD Milton (2008) (Duck Records)
Los Mirlos (Peru) (Myspace)
- CD Como Amiga
Alfredo Pardo
- CD Spanish Romantic
Pipel Rengifo (Youtube of BP)
- release info wanted
Ritmo Rojo
- CD Bailar Pegados (1996) (Fonovisa/Fonorama)
Rod's band- 40 Años De Eurovisión. cheap covers of Spanish entries
Franco Simone (Italy)
- CD Mundo Latino
Trio SolCuba (USA)
- CD Mas Y Mas (2004)
Tru-La-La with Gary (Argentina)
- CD Exageradísimo 1992
Boyband Quartet founded in 1984, Have been through 21 members by now.Fernando Viña Y Su Sonora Palacio (Uruguay) (Website)
- CD Bailar Pegados (1991) (Sondor Top)
The World Company
- CD Momentos románticos (Sendmusic)
Nicola (Niko) Congiu (Italy) - Ballare Stretti (Italian)
- CD Chiavi
Lior Datauker (Hebrew version)
- details wanted
Jennifer Zamudio - Verlore tyd (Afrikaans) (Website)
- CD Hoor hoor (Select / Jennifer Zamudio Productions)
Joan Garcia Escala (Trumpet instrumental) (website)
- CD Trompeta
Miguel Nacel (Piano Instrumental)
- CD Enamorados (2008)
Uncredited (Trumpet instrumental)
- CD Frank - The Magic Trumpet vol. 2

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