Sunday, September 06, 2009

Ziyoda is at it again

Hayotim Bu is an Uzbek coverversion of Armenia's first Eurovision song Without Your Love by Andre (2006).
Ziyoda had already recorded Wild Dances (also in Uzbek) and has since released many videos on Youtube.


AS said...

Ziyoda is a great yet undiscovered talent, at least here in Europe. Her songs are immersed in the Central Asian culture, which requires some effort for a European to fully appreciate them. Perhaps this is the reason why she has not yet made it to European audience. Moreover, she doesn't have a web site and her fan club's site is in Uzbek language only, and a note about her in Wikipedia is rather short. I wish her success, and if anybody reading this could help her in any way, please, do so, she definitely deserves it.

Fun From 9a said...

It's Armenian's song in Eurovision 2006 it was sing Andre and name of this song is without your love

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