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The One That Got Away - Jamala

Please note: this article is from 2011, I just moved it up on the Eurocovers ladder to celebrate Jamala getting the ticket to Stockholm.
2011: I know it's a bit off topic as there's no Eurovision cover in sight, but below is the videoclip of the Ukrainian pre-selection song Smile by Jamala (Джамала). Y'all probably know that already and how she was robbed etcetera and how it would have won Eurovision and all that. 

This is  just a plain advertisement for Jamala's fantastic new album For Every Heart which is out now.
Jamala is a multitalented superstar who just as easily covers Yma Sumac or Shirley Bassey as well as leaving her mark on melancholic classics and her own new tunes.
For Every Heart is a coherent collection of new songs, mostly in a pop / soul vein.

There are two minor concerns: The album doesn't even start to show Jamala's broad talents: The Yma Sumac like stuff isn't there and only a few times she gives us the high octaves. It probably is best for the album to stick to one style here, but I would have certainly wanted more.
I'm also having a bit of a task grasping Jamala's English, which is sometimes hard to understand. But I'm sure she can work on that before the next opportunity for Eurovision comes along.

The album includes Smile and previous singles It's Me Jamala (I am not Gaga....) and the wonderful You're Made Of Love. There's also a few bonus tracks including a coverversion Shirley Bassey's Propellerheads hit  History Repeating. Highly recommended!

The album is out on Moon Records (MR 5117-2)
I bought mine at UMKA who ship internationally and have very decent prices.

Jamala website in English and Russian
Jamala's Youtube Channel
Listen to various Jamala songs at her MySpace and Soundcloud

Jamala's hits feature in English on the CD, but at the website and youtube you can also find the original versions of It's Me Jamala and You're Made Of Love. As far as I know Smile has only been recorded in English.
You can catch Jamala live in Kiyv (April 12), Moscow (April 15) and Singapore (May 25)
Here's a live clip of Jamala doing Yma Sumac's Gopher. totally A-Ma-Zing!

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Jamala to Stockholm 2016

This article is from 2011, I just moved it up on the Eurocovers ladder to celebrate Jamala getting the ticket to Stockholm.

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