Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Eurometal alert! Psyckadeli set Sergey's You Are The Only One on fire.

Here’s the first Eurocover of the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest worth mentioning. 
You all know Sergey Lazarev’s Russian entry You Are The Only One and we’re all expecting it to do very well.
Picture from Psyckadeli's Facebook
The song inspired Psyckadeli from Kristianstad (Sweden) to record this fantastic coverversion.
It’s Rock, it’s Pop, it’s Energy,  Psyckadeli basically took the original and set it on fire!

Psyckadeli is based around Max Haze and Chris Crash and they work with different singers an musicians (their PsyckE’s).
The singer electrifying You Are The Only One is Maria Storck (What. A. Voice!).

You should also check out new single Leaving My Soul (with Elin Vikner).

Links And Sources:
Special thanks to Christian
You can find more Psyckadeli music at their Website and Tubestation
Psyckadeli Facebook, Soundcloud, Instagram
Shop for Psyckadeli on The Tunes.
Sergey Lazarev at The Stockholm Collection

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