Sunday, November 25, 2012


Just a bit of news from the Little Blue Men With White Pointy Hats:
The German Smurfs (Schlümpfe) have been shaking their tiny booty's to Euphoria just as we all did. Their version of Loreens Eurovision winner is titled Ein Schlümpfentag (A Smurf day) and it can be found on their new German market CD Die Hits Der Schlümpfe Vol. 2 out now. (Universal 0602537225903)

As we all know The Smurfs are cunning multilinguists. The critters also released a new album in Dutch and that also includes a version of Euphoria. This time it's titled Mooi Smurfenland (Beautiful Smurf country). 
The seasonal album Winterpret Met De Smurfen (Winterfun with the Smurfs) is released on November 30 and also includes covers of Gangnam Style, Call Me Maybe, Little Talks and some other 2012 hits. And it has Last Christmas too (EMI 5099997954828).
And as a bit of coincidental trivia, Euphoria singer Loreen provides the voice of Smurfette (Smurfan in Swedish) in the 2011 Smurfbuster movie The Smurfs (Smurfarna). I don't know if Loreen is on the books for the new film The Smurfs 2, expected in July 2013.

I don't know if any other regional Smurfs have recorded 2012 Eurovision songs. The French guys (Les Schtroumpfs) just have a new album out but just as the French grown up disque buying publique they have ignored Euphoria.

If you want to find out about the 2011 Smurftastic coverversions (Popular, Haba Haba) in Swedish, Danish and Norwegian check out this Eurocovers post.
For older Smurfocovers, here's another post for you.

Please note, the Eurocovers posts don't include any audio material / downloads.

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