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Release news: O Vento Mudou - Ricardo Oliveira

Portugal decided to stay home for the Malmö contest. Sad of course, but they can make it up to us by sending Ricardo Oliveira when they return in 2014. All he needs is someone to write a classy tune and record it with the orchestra as featured in the videoclip above.

The clip, O Vento Mudou (The wind changes) is a coverversion of the Portuguese 1967 entry originally by Eduardo Nascimento (12th place).

The song (released as digital single) is taken from the album which also bears the title O Vento Mudou which was released in Februari. 
I'm loving it, Oliveira's great voice and fab orchestra give the song a new lease of life, very different from the (also amazing) original.

Eurovision related tracks:
The album includes 12 reworkings of milestones in Portuguese music history and two Eurovision songs are included.
Next to the 1967 entry there's Sol De Inverno (Winter sun) originally performed by Simone de Oliveira in the 1965 contest.

Another Eurovision related cover on O Vento Mudou is Flor Sem Tempo (Timeless flower) by Paulo De Carvalho. The song finished 2nd 1971 Portuguese national final.
From the 1976 Festival is No Teu Poema a song that ended third in the final with all songs by Carlos Do Carmo.

There's also 20 Anos, a song made famous by José Cid (ESC 1980),  Adeus Tristeza by Fernando Tordo (ESC 1973) and Pensando Em Ti, a 1978 hit for Gemini who entered Eurovision in the same year with Dai Li Dou.

2004 debut album
From Idols to The Voice
Ricardo participated in A Voz De Portugal (The Voice Of Portugal). He finished second, but it enabled him to record this album, 10 years after his first record* and his lauch at Ídolos, Portugese Idols (where he also finished second). (2003).
In the Idols final one of the songs he performed was Chamar A Musica, the 1994 Portuguese entry by Sara Tavares. At the final of A Voz Sara and Ricardo performed a duet: Bom Feeling.

*Pic from debut album nicked from e-bay.

Special thanks to José Antonio!
Full tracklist and a downloadable medley to sample the album are here at Universal Portugal
I don't know about the availablity of the album worldwide, but the CD is available at FNAC Portugal and the digital is at iTunes Portugal
For the Netherlands Ricardo's digital releases are available at MegaMedia. Germany: Amazon
O Vento Mudou, the 1967 EP sleeve

O Vento Mudou releases and coverversions.
Eduardo Nascimento released O Vento Mudou on an EP (Decca PEP 1193). He also released an English version Listen, released on a Decca promo EP with a front sleeve identical to the original EP.

Here’s a list of coverversions of O Vento Mudou that I know of and that have been officially released. If you know more, please let me know.

Nicolau Breyner
- on EP Livre (Tecla records TE 1016), re-issued on 1998 CD (Movieplay)
António Calvário (Eurovision 1964)
- on 7" and EP (EP: Spain Belter 51.791)
Da Vinci (Eurovision 1989)
- on CD Oicam (1995)
- on 7" and 12", see this Eurocovers post
María de Fátima (NL based fado singer)
- on CD O Vento Mudou (Silvox 2012)
Adelaide Ferreira (Eurovision 1985)
- on CD Sentidos (BMG 2000)
Artur García
- On EP Porta Secreta (5th in NF 67, Marfer MEL 2-056)
Rádio Clube Nora
- on CD Ver Sons (Arte2, 2006)
Maria de Lourdes Resende
- on EP (Alvorada AEP 60904)
Ricardo Oliveira
- on CD O Vento Mudou (Universal 2013)
- on CD Porqué ? (Columbia 2010)
Grande Orquestra De Luís Gomes
- Instrumental on CD Portugal Deluxe - Volume 2 - Um Cocktail Swingante (1998)
Thee Chargers
- Surf guitar Instrumental on CD The Mansion Of The Doomed (2009), listen here

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