Saturday, May 30, 2009

Monaco 1965 - Ann Lee + Spain 1989 - Amante Del Amor

While glorious Eurovision 2009 winner Alexander Rybak is busy conquering the world it's time for Eurocovers to travel back to the olden days. Here's a Dutch coverversion of Monaco's 1965 entry Va Dire A L'Amour, originally by Marjorie Noël.
I don't know anything about Ann Lee, except that she's not the Europop singer that gave the world the 1998 hit 2 Times. So this is a short post. --- 

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Amante Del Amor - Nacida Para Amar
The title Amante Del Amor may not ring a bell straight away, even with Eurovision diehards, but it's a Eurocover.
The lyrics to the 1989 Spanish entry Nacida Para Amar by the Lovely Nina (6th place) were rewritten by the original writer Juan Carlos Calderón for the South American market. The new lyrics were also created to suit a male singer better and the most famous singer who had a go at the new version was , Mexican megastar Luis Miguel (YouTube).

Luis Miguel recorded it for his 20 Años CD from 1999. A few more covers were recorded and my favorite version is by Wichy Camacho. This Puerto Rican salsa singer has a great voice and his Amante Del Amor from 1996 is a slice of romantic Salsa that will sex up any party. (CD Amante Del Amor, WEA 1996)

I found two nice Amantes on MySpace. The first one is by Alex Llanos from Chile, who's version has only been listened to 46 times.
The second one with double the amount of listenings is Christian Sulas from Argentina. Go on, pay these guys a visit.

I'm looking for a version from Venezuela by Maricruz Quintero. (From the album Niebla and Lluvia, 1993). Thanks in advance!

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