Thursday, November 25, 2010

New Release: All That Dutch Jazz

Jazz. Many Eurovision songs have been given the jazz treatment over the decades and this week a new CD has been released with two Eurovision songs in a jazz makeover.

Jan Menu and Jasper Soffers have collected ten more or less classic Dutch songs on their Dutch Songboog (Dig Diz Music).
There's the first Dutch winner Net Als Toen (Corry Brokken 1957) but a more remarkable choice is Wat Een Dag from 1961.
Original singer Greetje Kauffeld, a commended jazz singer herself, didn't release the song back in 1961 and the only coverversions I know are at least 40 years old.
Wat Een Dag was written by Dick Schallies with original lyrics by Pieter Goemans.

So well done gentlemen, for digging this little gem up.

I haven't heard a note of any of the songs yet, but you can find more info and a tracklist at the links below. also in English

The 'Dutch Songbook' quartet are
Jan Menu (Baritone sax)
Jasper Soffers (Piano)
Clemens van der Feen (Bass)
Hans van Oosterhout (Drums)

Wat Een Dag known coverversions:
Eddy Doorenbos
- on 7" (Delta DS 1001, 1961)
Letty De Jong
- on LP 14 Jaar Songfestival (Various artists, Philips 1970)
Peter Kreuder (Piano instrumental)
- on LP Piano Parade (Concert Hall SVS 2575, 1961)

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