Sunday, April 17, 2011

German Classics: Zwei Kleine Italiener - Lauku Muzikanti

Todays German Classic is a Latvian coverversion of Zwei Kleine Italiener, made famous by Conny Fröboess in 1962.
Lauku Muzikanti (Country Musicians) are a Schlager band from Latvia founded in 1987. They have recorded hundreds of songs since then and are still going strong, although the line up has changed on many occasions.

Zwei Kleine Italiener becomes Vecie Draugi (Old friends)  in the hands of the Muzikanti and it is from the 1997 album Šeit Un Šonakt (And here tonight). 
Latvian coverversions of Eurovision songs seem almost non-existant.  There's not even a hand full and most (2) are by this band. They also recorded Julie (Yugoslavia 1983)

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I have also updated the Zwei Kleine Italiener document.
You can find all info on Conny's own versions and 120 coverversions here (word document).

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