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All eyes on Baku: Eurovision 2012

Tonight is the night. The 57th Eurovision final starts at, 24.00 local Baku time. 21.00 CET.
My country didn't make it to the final for the 8th time in a row, which must be some sort of record.
We're used to it, sad, but we'll be having big fun anyway.

Update: It's done, What's Another Year and all that. I'll leave most of the pre-contest text here, with the additions from the day after below

Eurocovers favorites Bulgaria, Finland and the Trackshittaz from Austria were killed of in the semi's, eternal shame on Europe for that.
Eurocovers loves Euphoria, The Sound Of Our Hearts and Love Is Blind very much, but good luck to everyone of course.

And special congrats to Malta's Kurt Calleja for being so lovely and fun and making it to the final and to Albania's Rona for being such a stunning singer.
And final break a leg to wonderful legend Engelbert Humperdinck who has the ghastly task to open the contest, but can take a nap during the other performances.
Oh and Jedward are probably the nicest blokes in the world.

If you're not in Eurovision TV world you can follow the show here:
Eurovision TV (Update: now the adress for re-watching!)
Songfestival NL - also have a second screen

If you want to have a quick info-check of all entries from the final  check them out at The Baku Collection:
Some Eurocovers posts feature: Anggun (France), Engelbert Humperdinck, Soluna Samay (Denmark), Trackshittaz and Jedward (Ireland).
And already some of the 2012 entries have been covered. Find out more here at Eurocovers.

And this is what happened:

Latest updated:
Sweden - Wins Eurovision 2012: Euphoria! for Loreen International hit, cds out now, remixes,  Acoustic and Dansband Schlager coverversions
Russia - Runner Up: Baku Babushka's win second semi, 10! Party versions of  For Everybody released
Serbia - 3rd place for Željko Joksimović  Nije Ljubav Stvar, Download Spanish, Symphonic and new Trubači version 
Azerbaijan - 4th: Sabina Babayeva, remixes, New ethnic version, Remix competition winner, new Jazz version
Albania -  Best ever result for Albania: Rona Nishliu, New Suus, English version
Estonia - 6th: Ott Lepland sings Kuula. English, Spanish and Russian versions, cdsingle
Turkey - 7th: Can Bonomo Loves Us Back, promo update
Germany - 8th: Roman Lob cds, new website, album out now
Italy - 9th Nina Zilli, L'Amore È Femmina (Out Of Love)
Spain 10th Pastora Soler, digital EP, Quedate Conmigo. stunning coverversion, best result since 2004.
11 to 26:
Moldova - Pasha Parfeny, Trumpet out for the girls
Romania - Mandinga cds, pick up Club De Mandinga CD with Libertatea mag, tracklist CD
Macedonia - Kaliopi Crno i Belo, download Russian version
Lithuania - Well Donny!  Love Is Blind, Another version (French) and debut album tracklist, updates.
Ukraine - Gaitana Be her guest to download, Special edition album details
Cyprus -  La La Love for Ivi Adamou, Euro Edition CD, remix, Kids: books are important
Greece - Eleftheria Eleftheriou  Aphrodisiac promo and cdsingle info.
Bosnia Hercegovina - Maya Sar Korake Ti Znam. Italian, English versions, promo update
Ireland - Jedward II cdsingle, Watershedline, Young Love in June.
Iceland - Greta and Jónsi  digital EP release
Malta - What A (semi) Night for Kurt Calleja, cdsingle and new mixes
France - Anggun updates, cds, duet versions
Denmark - Soluna Samay, Around the world, Best Of the old stuff release
Hungary - Compact Disco, 10 versions of SOOH, cdsingle
United Kingdom - Engelbert Humperdinck, cdsingle Out Now!, Autobiography: What's in a name?
Norway - Tooji wins battle with Sofi but tails at ESC final , Acoustic version released, coverversion, updates
Stranded in the 2nd semi:
Bulgaria - Sofi Marinova just misses the final, download song, promo updates
Croatia - Nina Badric Nebo remixes, cdsingle, Remix competition
Portugal - Festival da Canção, CD! digital single for Filipa Sousa, promo
Georgia - Anri Joxadze, no final for The Joker
The Netherlands - Joan packs her feather, Dreamcatcher! #1 hit, promo updates
Belarus - Litesound Heroes go home empty handed. Listen to new version and remixes.
Slovenia - Eva Boto. EMA CD, versions update, cdsingle
Slovakia - Miro Šmajda a.k.a. Max Jason Mai to Baku, Don't Close Your Eyes
Stranded in the 1st semi
Switzerland - Unbreakable, CD info, Sinplus, 7th Heaven remix, 11th in semi
Finland - UMK CD out now, Pernilla back to the handball competition
Israel - Izabo to Baku, versions update, Album details, Time to go
San Marino - Valentina Monetta Stock Exchange, 17 versions and counting, Social Network Song and the F-word song.
Montenegro Rambo Amadeus Not Last!' Brain Awareness, download
Latvia - New Beautiful Song for Anmary, cdsingle promo updates
Belgium - IrisWould You cdsingle and album Seventeen
Austria - Trackshittaz backside closes rear, cds out now, listen to the remixes
And some other bits and pieces
Handbook For Baku, Recommended reading
The other 'Collections' 1956 - 2008
Shopping tips - Who has their CD out in the shops
Who is in and who is out: The Pots! The Pots! The Draw!
Azerbaijan History - Check out all details on Azerbaijan's first 4 Eurovision entries, versions and releases.
Armenia - Withdraws from Eurovision 2012
Poland skips a year

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