Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Dutch Meet The Danish - Dansevise by Streetorgan De Turk

Dansevise is the Danish Eurovision winner from 1963 that became an evergreen even outside the Danish borders.
The song by Grethe and Jörgen Ingmann has survived over 40 years and I hope there will be a place for it in the 2014 Copenhagen contest. Here's Dutch organ De Turk playing the song in the streets.

List of Dansevises
Listfans: The Dansevise Document is here. It includes details on the versions of the song recorded by the Ingmanns and also a list of 85 coverversions of the song with release details. It's a word doc and uploaded with 4shared. If you can't use 4shared, just send an e-mail.

Big thanks to the filmer / YT uploader of the wonderful 'draaiorgel' clip.
More Dansevise at Eurocovers
Check out The Copenhagen Collection for all the releases, CDs, versions, charts and other goings on of the 2014 Eurovision hopefuls. ---

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