Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Die Oue Musikant (Afrikaans) - Marnie

Oh well, the video is removed, but I'll leave the rest here anyway...

Someone uploaded this to the Tube and made me very happy.
It's the Afrikaans coverversion of the Dutch 1973 entry De Oude Muzikant by Ben Cramer.
This version was released on a single in 1974 (Philips TOS 1010, South Africa).
I'm quite sure this version uses the original backing track.

Marnie is an early artists name of Manuel Escorcio. Under his own name he (later) recorded coverversions of Volare, Piove, All Kind Of Everything, Halleluja, Ein Bisschen Frieden and Io Senza Te.
See full Eurocovers discography below.

Still looking for the b-side though (well, and the actual vinyl single). The b-track Sylvia Kom Dans Met My is a coverversion of one of Ben Cramers National Final songs that was also the flipside to his own releases.

Marnie / Manuel Escorcio Eurocovers Discography
Italy 1958 Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu (Volare) - Domenico Modugno
- Volare (Portuguese) on CD Iets Vir Almal (Select SELBCD 154)
Italy 1959 Piove (Ciao Ciao Bambina) - Domenico Modugno
- Italian on CD Iets Vir Almal (Select SELBCD 154)
Ireland 1970 - All Kinds Of Everything - Dana
- Soveel Herinner My (Afrikaans) on LP Hei Monique
Netherlands 1973 - De Oude Muzikant - Ben Cramer
- as Marnie - Die Oue Musikant, single (Philips TOS 1010)
- Single also has Ben Cramer pre-song Kom Sylvia Dans Met My,
Israel 1979 - Halleluja - Milk And Honey
- on LP Manuel Escorcio With The Drakenberg Seunskoor (1984 Transistor CBK 7031)
Switzerland 1981 - Io Senza Te - Peter, Sue and Marc.
Me Without You (English) on LP Musica (1983,Transistor  CBK 7011)
Germany 1982 - Ein Bisschen Frieden - Nicole
- A Little Peace (English) on LP Romance (Select SEL 106)

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