Sunday, February 15, 2015

Il Volo book a flight to Vienna and honor the Italian classics

Il Volo have won the 2015 edition of the Sanremo contest with the song Grande Amore. The trio have stated they will be the Italian representatives in Vienna, but it is not confirmed Grande Amore will be the Eurovision song. (well, now it is..ed.)

A 7 track CD Sanremo Grande Amore will is released on februari 17. It includes the winning Sanremo song and also coverversions of two ancient Italian Eurovision songs. See full tracklist below.

Young operatic trio Il Volo are Piero Barone (Tenor), Ignazio Boschetto (Tenor) and Gianluca Ginoble (Baritone).
They met in 2009 when they were individual participants at Ti Lascio Una Canzone, a singing competition on RAI TV.

Il Volo have released four official albums and several digital singles.
Their 2010 (2011 in most countries) debut album Il Volo (produced by Tony Renis) was a worldwide success.
It was a #1 album in Austria and #2 in New Zealand. It reached the album top 10 in Italy, Germany, France, Netherlands, Belgium and the USA. Plus a #18 in Australia and 43 in the U.K..
The trio also recorded the album in Spanish, which scored well the charts in Mexico, Argentina, Venezuela, Colombia and Puerto Rico.

The albums Il Volo, We Are Love and live album Il Volo... Takes Flight: Live from
the Detroit Opera House, are re-issued on februari 24 in a boxset titled the Platinum collection.

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Tracklist CD Sanremo Grande Amore
Grande Amore
- Sanremo 2015 winner
- 1981 Sanremo song originally by Eduardo De Crescenzo
Vacanze romane (2015 Version)
- 1983 single by Matia Bazar from (in my opinion) their best and utterly amazing album Tango.
Canzone Per Te (2015 Version)
- Sanremo winner from 1968, originally by Sergio Endrigo who went on to Eurovision the same year, but with another song Marianne.
Piove (2015 Version)
- Domenico Modugno's second Sanremo winner and Eurovision entry from 1959
- 1960 Sanremo winning song that was the Eurovision entry by Renato Rascel. 
L'immensità (2015 Version)
- 1967 Sanremo song originally by Don Backy and by Johnny Dorelli

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