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10.000 Coverversions: Where's Hallelujah?

I received several reactions on the 10.000 Eurovision coverversions top 10 list and posts, most positive (thanks) but there are a few things I’d like to clear up.
The top 10 of most covered Eurovision songs is the top 10 from the list of Eurovision coverversions I have been keeping track of since about 1989.
So 18 years of keeping and collecting information from record collections, internet sources and especially information that was sent to me by other collectors over those years.
I can just do so little to answer the question ‘Why is Hallelujah / Congratulations etcetera not in the top 10?
The composer of Hallelujah, Kobi Oshrat allegedly claimed some years ago there were 500 versions recorded of the song, (something with a lawsuit over recording rights was going on) but I have only been able to find info on 120.
Same with 'Sir Cliff's Congratulations just missing out on a top 10 spot with 140 listed versions.
Titles like Hallelujah, Congratulations, La La La, Romantica etcetera are not the easiest to research on the internet and of course there are more versions of these songs than I have listed. I’m not claiming my lists are in any way conclusive, but I think they are the only ones of its kind you’ll find anywhere so please appreciate my work and make use of it while you can.

Here’s the list of Hallelujah’s, currently the 17th most covered Eurovision song in the 10.000 coverversions list. The song was written by Kobi Oshrat with lyrics by Shimrit Orr.
If you think the song belongs in the top 10, start sending your versions and information to me.

And to listen to some music here's two versions of the song, hard to pick any favorites though, as most are even cheesier than the original.
Eydie Gormé & Steve Lawrence first released the song under the name Parker & Penney (7" USA Warner WBS 887) but it can also be found on LP/CD releases under their 'own' name.
The Crossfire track is a powermetal version, although it wouldn't be out of place in a 70's broadway musical either. Sung in Hebrew.

Hallelujah! - a document.. 
Word.doc featuring all versions by Milk and Honey plus a list of coverversions of the 1979 Eurovision winner from Israel.

Екатерина Черноусова
A sublime Jazz version (in Hebrew) of Hallelujah is available at a russian Jazz site. The site in Russian and English features a version by The Rooms (Комнаты) featuring Ekaterina Chernousova from their 2005 CD Im Telech and is something different from the usual hands in the air versions of the song. (for the downloads scroll halfway down the page)
In the Eurocovers post Noisy Israeli's you can find some coverversions by Australian punkers YidCore including their ultimate partyversion of Hallelujah.
For a groovy Thai movie version of the 1978 Israel winner A Ba Ni Bi check out this Eurocovers post.

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