Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Ooh, Aah, Eastfield - Gatecrashing Eurovision

In the mid 90's the United Kingdom was really on a roll with 4 brilliant and succesful entries in a row from 1995 to 1998.
Ooh, Aah, just a little bit by Gina G was a worldwide hit even though it only ended 8th (due to Gina G catching a cold in that skimpy dress of hers).
Ooh, Aah is the biggest US hit for a UK entry and a top 10 hit in Australia, Gina G.'s homecountry.
Seemingly silly with the Ooh's and Aah's, it's a genius slice of Pop every charthit writer wished they had written.
And of course there was ridicule like The Wurzels Oo-Arr, A Dutch Telekids version, A Smurfs version and a completely undeserved Jive Bunny make-over.
But here's a great example of a fitting tribute just the way we need them!

Eastfield released their version on a split 7" inch single in 2004 (Baszdmeg 26008) and a year later two versions on a cds/EP Gatecrashing Eurovision. (Baszdmeg 26009)
They call it Urban Rail Punk, I call it fab! 10/10 for the song and 26/10 for the sleeve! ---------- 
The 7"single is still available at Eastfields website in red, green or black vinyl (click orders) but the cdsingle is sold out.
And if you prefer some Ukelele Ooh's and Aah's here's a Youtube for you.-
Some Eurovers Stuff From All Kinds Of Blogs:
You can find a video of an Esperanto coverversion of Sanomi (Vi Kaj Mi) (Belgium 2003, runner up by Urban trad) at Francis Soghomonian's video page.
Yayo Salva Musical is worth browsing for some great old EP's including interesting San Remo releases.
New blog Musical Interval has a nice 60's Paul Mauriat LP featured including two Eurocovers.
Boppeslag features The 50 Foot Combo who cover the 1969 Belgian entry Jennifer Jennings (Louis Neefs)

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