Thursday, November 01, 2007

Boom Boom - It's a good day for politics

Eurovision has been linked with politics from the first edition to the present day. I'm not even talking political voting but there are some historic examples of songs tying in with political events in history. The role of the 1974 Portuguese entry in the Carnation revolution is the classic example, but there's more. Enough material for many future Eurocovers posts.

Today it's a small slice of politics from Denmark. (Thanks Mikael!!) For the forthcoming elections on november 13 the former leader of the Social Democrats and former prime minister Poul Nyrup Rasmussen has recorded the social democrats election song - using the melody of Denmark's 1978 Eurovision song Boom Boom. (Originally by Mabel, ending 16th)
The song is titled Det blir en god dag (It will be a good day) and Rasmussen recorded it with Mogens Jensen MP, Eurovision fan and Rasmussen imitator. (on the right on below picture).
The lyrics of the election song run along the lines of "It will be a good day when Fogh (present Liberal prime minister) resigns".

Boom Boom by 'boyband' Mabel was the return entry for Denmark after 11 years of absence. Interesting detail is that back in 1967 DR's decision to withdraw from the contest was under a social democratic management.
Entertainment was branded too right, light and frivolous and DR TV was only supposed to broadcast serious television. At some stage it took the shape of a iconoclasm and many archives of light entertainment were destroyed in the process. Including footage of the 1964 Eurovision song contest.
What made Denmark decide to return in 1978 I don't know, but Mabels Boom Boom remains a well known song in Denmark, and now the social democrats have adopted / adapted it for their 2007 campaign.

You can hear the song here and/or download it here. Youtube has several videos of the original version like this one from the preslection (DMGP), screaming girls included.

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